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PMS is a bitch Random TT and Daily Photo


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My little brother is mortified that I call Monkey, Monkey and insists that I stop calling him that ASAP because he feels I am going to do him severe emotional harm if I don’t.  Being the stubborn bitch that I am, I insist that Monkey is a totally rad nickname and I’m quite positive that if I was a 16 year old teenage boy, I would like nothing more than to be called Monkey by my adoring family and friends.  Right?  I know Hubby LOVES it when I call him Tank.  Which, mind you, was the nickname he chose from a list requested.  So I see no harm in Monkey staying Monkey.  And Tank staying Tank.

Speaking of Tank, everyone has been asking what tattoo I got.  So, because I know you have all been losing sleep with anticipation and curiosity…

Hubby and I got our wedding band tattoos on Saturday for our six year anniversary.

We got married the day after Christmas in 2003 in a courthouse in Castle Rock Colorado.  It was the perfect day.  We had a big wedding the following September with family and friends, but on 12.26.03 it was ALL about us.  Nobody to please.  Just us.

So to mark the occasion, we each had the others name tattooed on our wedding ring finger.  I will have to check with Hubby to see if he is comfortable with his name being outed because as you may have noticed, I only refer to him as Hubby and (as of today) Tank.  So you may or may not get to see the pics of that.

We are supposed to get snow today.  Like an inch of it.  I cannot wait! I miss snow.

I am hoping I will get to see some of the puffy white goodness when we get to COLORADO! Which, in case you missed it, we will be arriving in the GORGEOUS state of perfection on Thursday, WOOT!  Talk about the AWESOMEST way to start off 2010!

Everyone wants to see us when we get there, but I will only have 16 days.  And trying to see 23984103298741 friends and family members in that amount of time is really difficult.  Which means that no matter what, people always get their feelings hurt because I simply cannot make time for it all.  I hate it but it’s part of not living there.  *sigh*

I am trying to catch up on some TV before we leave so that my DVR doesn’t pack up and leave me for overloading it while I’m gone.  But it’s not easy trying to watch my shows, do laundry, clean the house, chase a toddler, pack for our trip, write a blog *ahem*, and all the other countless things I am trying to do at once.  Which while it isn’t new, it is irritating.

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, which you probably didn’t but TRUST me, poor Hubby HAS, I have PMS.  Yes like SEVERE I want to rip the heads off of helpless bystanders PMS.  If I don’t get aunt flow seriously soon, I can’t be held accountable for what I may do.

Here is my Daily Photos for today…

The dryer beeped, thus ending our conversation together.  It was fantastic, but honestly, it did feel a little one sided anyway.  I’m afraid I didn’t get you get a word in edgewise.  So have a fanfriggintastic Tuesday, nnkay?


What is random about your day?

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FIVE years?!?! Wow!!!!


Five years ago today, we stood on the Saint Vrain River in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, before our family and friends, and made our vows. The same river that Chuck stood in and fished that morning before our wedding.

We had already been married for 9 months, but still wanted to have the beautiful wedding in the mountains.

Let me explain…

My step Dad, Jim, if you don’t already know, was ill with lung cancer.  It was nearing the end.  And we knew it.  I couldn’t bear the thought of him passing away and not knowing that Chuck, whom he loved and respected greatly, and I had been wed.  It was something he wanted to be part of and talked of it often.  He always dreamed of me finally finding a man that was respectful of me and that would love me unconditionally.  A good man.  One with high morals and good character.  I found all of those things in Chuck and Jim could not be more ecstatic.

When Chuck asked both my step Dad and my Dad for their blessing to marry me, they both were thrilled.  We originally planned to marry on 04/04/04 as four was and is both of our lucky numbers.  However, with Jim’s declining health, we decided to push it up.

Christmas Day, 2003, we announced to our family that we would be wed in the Douglas County Courthouse the following day.  We requested that Jim and my Mom be there as our witnesses.  It was our way of letting Jim know he wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore.

I don’t have any pictures of that on this computer but I so wish I did.  It was one of the best days ever.  The four of us went to the courthouse.  Me in a red Angora sweater and jeans, Chuck in a black shirt and jeans, in the cold December air.  We each held up our right hand and were sworn in and said I do.  As simple as it sounds, it was by far at that time, the happiest moment of my life.

So fast forward to a few months later.  We decided not to have the wedding in April because we just weren’t ready.  I was still grieving Jim’s death and it wasn’t the right time.

We went camping that July for 3 days.  It was rustic camping.  No bathrooms or anything.  Just the kind of camping I like.  On our way back, I needed a bathroom break.  BAD.  So we pulled into this tiny town looking for a pit stop.

We pulled into the Wild Basin Lodge and Restaurant (or so the sign said).  When we got inside, stinking to high heaven fresh from camping, they informed us that it was not a restaurant anymore, but now a Lodge and event center.

Well heck, we were planning a wedding, and I still had to pee!!!, so we would love to take a look around, of course! 🙂

We walked through the quaint wood lodge, which was nice, out onto the back terrace.  THAT is when we both were sold.  The view of the mountains in the backdrop and the flowing Saint Vrain river just feet from where we would say our “I do’s” was picturesque!  We booked the ONLY available date they had that year then and there.  September 5th.  Our luck, because it was a Sunday.  Which is what we wanted.  And not only was it a Sunday, but it was the Sunday before Labor Day.  Perfect!

Ok so I am rambling…But my point is this: Five years ago today we stood in our finest, me drunk out of my mind from nerves, Chuck looking gorgeous, and said “I do”.  It was awesome.

I could not have chose a more loving, caring, devoted husband.


Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Enjoy your three day weekend!



Much less Whiny Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Show of hands, how many people liked my mushy, whiny, pity party yesterday?  Yeah didn’t think so.  I don’t much care for it either.

I tend to jump to my emotions and the focus in on them like a crazy person.  In this case yesterday, I couldn’t sleep and half assed wrote that blog at 3 in the morning.  I was feeling those things but wasn’t taking into regard the feelings of others.  I do that, though.  It isn’t good and I am not making excuses.  It’s just one of the shitty flaws in my character.  Lani said something that really stuck on me.

…the loneliness is natural, not necessarily anybody’s fault.. in times like this I think we just need to cut each other some slack.

That is something I most definitely didn’t do.  I focus on the need of the moment.  This weekend I wanted to be held and needed attention.  Since I didn’t get that I failed to see all the other things that were done.  I am so glad that most of my readers saw that.  It was wonderful to read the comments and even the few emails I got.  So thank you.  I see it now and will spend as much energy as I can to prove that I was wrong in my words yesterday.

Moving on to more randomness….

Starbucks apparently has rolled out Pumpkin Spice today, which I just read on a Facebook post.  I seriously want to drive there to get a decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte like RIGHT. NOW!  Weird?  I think not.  I will be heading there shortly.

Monkey is sitting on my lap while I type my blog on one monitor and he is watching “Baby Einstein: On the Go” in the other one.  I feel like I only have half a computer.  And in my current sideways sitting position, I know I only have half a lap.

This Saturday is our anniversary.  Well it is one of the three anniversaries that I shamelessly make my hubby participate in.

They are:

  • February 7, 2003 Our first date/the day I knew I was in love.
  • December 26, 2003 The day we said “I do” at the Douglas County Courthouse.  (a perfect day)
  • September 5, 2004 The day we had a beautiful wedding in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

They are all days that I want to celebrate.  Lucky for me, he seems to agree.  So Saturday will mark five years since my Dad helped my drunk ass walk down the aisle giggling the whole way drunk as a nervous skunk walked me down that aisle.  It will be five years since we said our vows to each other.  It is going to be a great day!

Monkey keeps yelling “CARRRRRRR!!!” and “VRRRROOOOOOOMMMMM” at the screen.  And if I don’t “vroom” back to him, he grabs my face and turns it to him as if to say “Focus Mom! I am talking to you!” I secretly LOVE it when he does that.  Especially in public or even more so when I am trying to get an annoying solicitor to leave my front porch while he is perched on my hip. 🙂

Per my husbands request I will be starting a daily photo blog.  I am planning on putting it on this blog page as well, so I hope that works out.  I used to send out a daily photo email to family and friends.  I am not sure why I ever stopped.  I guess I just didn’t have the time.  But I miss it and I am going to get back into it.  They wont ALL be baby shots, but lets face it, he is my favorite subject.  Some will me old and some will be new.  I hope you enjoy and comment on the shots you like and don’t like even.  I think. LOL

Today there was a high of 81 degrees.  This kind of weather is what I have needed.  It makes it bearable to be here in this humid town.  The 116 heat index heat is not my friend.  Ugh.  Hopefully this will convince me to do some more walking with the baby around the neighborhood and park.  Of course that will depend on when my doctor pulls me off of this semi-bed rest.  Oh well, it will happen when it happens right?

That is my new motto.  It is what it is. Go forth and forget the small shit that gets in the way.  That is my new goal. 🙂

Have a great evening.  Sorry for the late post.  Also, sorry I am not having time to read everyone’s blogs.  Having Gram in town doesn’t free up a lot of time for computer puttering.

Anything new and exciting to report? Comment with a blog link if you want me to get to it.  Sorry again for the lack of reading time!



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