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Chocolate Needy Dear So and So Letters of Intent

Dear So and So...

Letters of Intent


Dear Huge Zits on my Face,

Apparently you missed the Memo.  You are supposed to be attaching yourself to a helpless teenager.  Not to my wrinkles.  Nnnkay?

Seriously.  This is getting old.

Feeling 13 again, and not a good way,



Dear Chocolate,

STOP! Seriously! Stop tempting me.  Do you see what you are doing to my face?!?!


You suck! (But taste oh so good)



Dear Monkey,

Please.  For Mama?  PLEASE!  Start talking.  Not only am I worried about you not talking because of your age, but I am SERIOUSLY over the whining and grunting to get everything you want.  It’s making me grouchy.  So please.  TALK.  k?

Love you baby but I got a VERY short fuse,



Dear Cass,

You are going to have a nervous breakdown if you don’t learn how to mellow out a little big.  You have been complaining of PMS for over two weeks now.  And even though it is possible, it’s getting a little OLD.  Get a fuse.  Go to Sams or Costco and get a HUGE one if you must.  But for all of us, get one!

That vein seriously looks like it’s gonna pop,



Dear Hubby,

Hope you enjoy your weekend away fishing.  Be safe and catch a lot.

Wishing I had the same draw the water did.




Dear Stats,

Why am I suddenly only getting like 50 reads a day when last week I was getting over 200?

Starting to get a complex,



Dear Readers,

Time to play along! To participate in Dear So and So just click here to go to Kat’s Blog and get the button for your page. To participate in Letters of Intent, click here to visit Julie, over at Foursons and grab one of those buttons too!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Hi, my name is Cass. I am married to an amazing man who loves me unconditionally. I’m a stay at home mom to a rockin’ 2 year old boy who I call Monkey. I have an 12 year old step-daughter who lives in another state. We miss her daily. We also have two fur babies, Daisy and Jazz, who keep us on our toes. They are awesome!

I am a complete goofball, a photographer and a constant out loud thinker. I am a grammar challenged, vulgar, cursing, sex obsessed Big Mama fumbling through life. Among other things, I battle PCOS causing infertility, Bi Polar, Anxiety and OCD.

Currently I am riding the fertility roller coaster in an attempt to make Monkey #2. This blog is about a little of everything. I hope you enjoy. Read at your own risk!


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