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The Moon Will Show Me How??? Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Happy Tuesday and Happy Randomness!  You know how much I like a good random string of thoughts.  So without further ado… Random Tuesday Thoughts…

I got paid a pretty awesome-TASTIC compliment last night.  My Dad said “I wish I had been half the Dad to you kids that you are a Mom to Monkey.”

How awesome is that?!?!

It made me feel really great to get such a wonderful compliment from my parent about my parenting skills.  Woot Woot!


This was the conversation that went on in my bed at just before 2 am this morning.

Hubby:    The moon will show you how.

Me waking up out of a dead sleep:    HuhWhat’s wrong hon? What’d you say?

Hubby:   The MOON will show you how!

Me:    Ummm… Are you talking in your sleep?


Me confused:    The MOON?

Hubby annoyed:    Yes, the MOON. That thing in the sky!?

Me:   Ummmm………………….???

Hubby:   *snores*

Me:   Oh brother. *eyeroll*

Another random outburst from Hubby’s sleeping mind in the wee hours of the night.  This happens often and he never remembers.  Great fun.

sleep talking cartoon

Yesterday we had our ultrasound.  It didn’t go great.  There was no heartbeat, and I am only measuring at 5 weeks and 5 days.  Not great news folks.  Another ultrasound next Tuesday to see if we made any changes.  It just seems that this keeps dragging on and on and on.  At this point I just need to know.  It is very frustrating to not know.


Having the TV back is WONNN-ONNN-ONNDERFUL!!!  We are going to try and limit our time, but with fall shows coming back (woohooo!) I am anxiously awaiting some of my fav’s.  It was a great learning experience for us, and we will for sure do turn off the TV week in May, but having it back (especially since we are getting MORE rain *gag*) it helps keep me sane.  And it helps keep Monkey sane.  He gets cabin fever.


It is mean that I call my son Freddy Krueger because he refuses to let me cut his finger nails??  I’m going to have to get them registered if he won’t let me cut them soon…

“Yes I am here to register my son’s toenails as deadly weapons.” Hah!

Every time I try to cut them he starts screaming and wiggling like I am going to cut his hand off.  I am holding BABY clippers y’all!! Not a chainsaw!!  It’s quite a show.  *eyeroll*


Speaking of my little mountain climber, yesterday morning he decided to climb out of his crib for the first time.  Freaked him out!  Not nearly as much as it scared me, I’m sure.  But he was fine, just a little shaken up.

So last night, Hubby converted his crib to a toddler bed and we baby proofed every square inch of his room.  Lucky for us he sleeps with the door closed and can’t turn door knobs yet.  That should be fun when that occurs.

So I put some toys in there in hopes of getting him to stay quiet for just an extra few minutes as to afford Mommy a few extra winks.  Which actually worked out ok for about 30 minutes this morning.  It would have worked better though, if I didn’t have Mommy Radar.  You  know… the radar that makes me shoot out of a complete sleep as soon as his breathing changes on the monitor?  Yeah so I was awake but at least able to lie in bed and pretend to sleep for another 30 minutes this morning.

His room looks pretty good though, don’t you think?


And yes that is a baby gate in the window to keep him away from the blinds.  Can’t afford to replace the blinds, but can’t afford to have him swinging from them or hanging himself on them either.  So his room is 100% baby proof now!! 🙂

Ok, I will stop with the random craziness! 🙂

Have a great day y’all!!



In the land of Monkey’s Mama part deux

Being a stay at home Mom is a privilege.  One that I love the opportunity of having.  It is my favorite job and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.  But it is still a JOB.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with me can meet me at the flagpole after school!!

There are days when I feel like my job duties are monotonous and draining.  And then I have the dreaded “I don’t wanna” feeling.  All Mom’s do, right?


Well it has been raining non-stop for like 1290387412398412390 days and as I have expressed before, I *NEED* sunshine for my sanity.  When the weather gets like this I tend to start falling off in the chore department.  Laundry, house cleaning and even grocery shopping.

When I was single, I loved how on those days when I didn’t feel like grocery shopping, I could hop into my car, in my pajamas at whatever time I felt the urge, take a measly 3 bucks and get a fairly yummy dinner from my nearest fast food dump restaurant.  Then even better, no cooking and no dishes!!  Not really beneficial for my waistline but hey, what’s my waistline ever REALLY done for me?

Last week, I had to really start getting creative when it came to meals and snacks.  I have the basics to keep us going.  But I am usually so OCD that I have a list on the fridge of the meals I am going to make for the week.  Seriously.  It says on the top in bold script Meals by Mommy. 🙂


That is how I *usually* roll.  But then the rain hits me and all I care about is laying around, reading books to Jimmy, pretending my jammies are every day clothes, and letting the minutes slowly tick by during the day.

Then every day I glance at the clock around five o’clock and go “OH SHIT! What am I going to make for dinner?!?!”  And then proceed to run around the kitchen like a nut trying to find something suitable to feed us all.  The benefit to this is that I have created some really great meals with this tactic.  Meals that Hubby has asked me to repeat.

I am starting to ramble?  Oh.  Sorry.  Here is my actual point.  YES I did have one.

All of this made me start thinking of the little things that I miss.  None of which are missed enough to give up this rockin’ Mommy job of course, but they are things that I miss.  So I am going to share some of them with you.

I miss:

  • Sleeping in (or the possibility of EVER sleeping in again)
  • Pooping alone (they should tell kids in high school about this one! That would help eliminate a LOT of teen pregnancy, don’t you think? Lol)  Although when you have the toddler and both dogs in there, you can pretend it’s a party.  How fun, right? *eyeroll*
  • Playing loud music in the car and SINGING out loud!  (and Monkey loves my singing! *sigh*)
  • Sex anywhere in the house we want, whenever we want.  (I suppose there are always naps! LOL)
  • Talking on the phone (which is the exact point in my sons head that he feels he needs to be the absolute LOUDEST he can possibly be… EVER!)
  • Sunday lazy movies days spent all day on the couch in our jammies  (now if we try to watch any movie that doesn’t have Baby PainInTheAssCauseItsAllWeEverGetToWatch Einstein on the cover, Monkey screams and hits the TV, which makes movie watching less than pleasurable)
  • Reading a book (I never thought I would have to give this up *sigh*)
  • Going out to see a movie (in a THEATER!) anytime I want.
  • Basically just having any privacy

I would love for everyone to share something they miss after becoming a Mommy.  And if you are not a Mommy, what is something you miss from… ummm… drawing a blank here… ummm…. You decide.  Kay?

Oh and thank BOB for the sun finally coming out this weekend!!  I feel much better!!  (Aside from the first trimester exhaustion, of course.)


Got the grocery shopping done.  Got the house cleaned… err… well sort of.  Things are sort of getting back to normal around these parts.  Mommy’s gloom is clearing. 🙂

Now today we have the ultrasound at 10:15 to check on the pregnancy.  That in and of itself is going to give me a heart attack.  Pray for me.  Please!  🙂



Rainy Irritable Dear So and So Friday

Dear So and So...


sexy fire manYes, we all remember the fireman. 🙂

Dear Fireman J from yesterdays post,

Since I haven’t heard from you in (calculating in my head) ummm… years.  I completely forgot that you were on my Yahoo messenger list.  Which I have had since… forget it… a LONG time.  Anyhoo… you can imagine my complete and utter shock when I got your message on Yahoo yesterday.   Seems that your ears must have been burning.  While I did resist the urge to tell you how weird it was hearing from you because I had just posted a blog about your tiny penis it was hard for me to mask my shock.

You didn’t have much to say other than hello and to tell me that you are married now (I hope she has a fondness for Chapstick) and that you are both expecting your first baby next month, a girl.  Congratulations.  I actually think you will make a fantastic father.

Anyway, it was just totally beyond weird to hear from you COMPLETELY out of the blue.  I have been watching the heavens for lightening ever since for fear I am in big trouble with the dude (or chick) upstairs.  Am I am in trouble for flaunting your wee manhood in front of the world?  Or at least for flaunting in it front of all 69 of my readers? Ok totally going to hell for that.

Good luck to you J.


Ps. If you ever read this, I am totally talking about another J that I dated that was a fireman.  Totally.  It isn’t you.  He just happened to use the same Chapstick line.  But I hear a lot of guys use that line, so it totally wasn’t you I was referring.  🙂


200236712-001THIS is how hard it’s been raining.

Dear Rain,

You SUCK!  You suck you suck you suck you suck!



Dear DVR,

No Mama has not abandoned you.  I promise to return soon and to soak up your love and flood you with kisses.  If it wasn’t for you, Mama couldn’t make it through this week at all knowing all of my shows were being saved in your perfect black little body.  I promise this won’t last much longer.

Forever devoted,



Dear Cass,

WTF where you thinking!?!?!  NO TV THIS WEEK!?!?  Do you not see the raining and the flooding outside?? Are you not catching onto the fact that both you and Monkey have *mad* cabin fever?  You need to seriously weigh your options here before you end up in a padded cell.

Just sayin,




Dear Patio Furniture,

I am so sorry this is your life right now.  Your feet must be so pickled.  I would let you come in but… well you’re patio furniture.  Sorry.




Dear Captcha Lovers,

Can you please give me one good reason why you REALLY need this on your blogs?  I am seriously having issues with my computer wanting to boycott them right now.  One major issue is that whenever I hit “Send” on my message in a hurry to get to the next blog, I click X and just as I see the captcha appear, the blog closes.  I have NO interest in going and finding your blog again and retyping my whole comment again so usually then you just get a simple comment like “cool” because I am so irked that I had to come back to play a game of captcha ball in the first place that I don’t even care if I have left a suitable comment.  (Yes that sentence was all one breath) And lately, I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering not commenting on them at all.  Cause I feel so irritable about it.  Does that make me a total bitch?

So I am asking, in all fairness… PLEASE… if you have a captcha… PLEASE… explain why.  I wanna know.  I really, really want to know.  Change my mind on it.  Kay?

Thanks much,

Big Mama Cass


stop it

Dear Monkey,

Why must you open and close the same door 9 BILLION (yes with a B) times even after I have asked you 9 B I L L I O N times to stop??  And why must you continue to SLAM it into my wall whenever you swing it open.  The hole in Mommy’s wall will thank you to STOP IT.  Nnnkay?

While we are on the subject, why do you continue to scale every single piece of furniture??  You have the speed of a stealth bomber!  I blink and you are on top of the table holding the lamp!  STOP IT!

Please, please STOP IT before you give Mommy a heart attack.




Dear Readers,
Thank you for putting up with me for another week. I do hope that you chose to participate in Dear So and So. Just click here to go to Kat’s Blog and get the button for your page. Or add your letter in the comments. Would love to read!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by… again!



**UPDATED** Tone deaf Wet Dog Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Monkey has finally realized that his poor Mama is tone deaf.  So whenever I start to sing lately, he YELLS at me.  You know, that weird grunting thing?  “UHH UHH UHH!!” with some “AAHHHH!” thrown in.  Well at first I just thought he didn’t want anyone to sing for him.  Call it desperation if you will, but I hoped it wasn’t me.  Then when I started to realize that he will let ANYONE else, and I do mean ANYONE else sing for him, I had to accept the facts.  This isn’t to say that I don’t continue to try.  But he grunts and yells through it all and then when I am done he lets out a loud “Yayyyyyyy!!!” and his eyes say “thank you for finally shutting the hell up mother!”

It’s not a great thing.  Cause even though I can’t carry a tune to save my life… I LOVE to sing.  So I just need to decide if I can either give it up or tune out his screams of protest while doing so. *evil grin*

Every night when I go to bed I pray that when I wake up the housecleaning fairies will have come and cleaned my house.  But alas… *sigh*… still no fairies.  Well I can’t be sure about the fairies actually.  I did notice that there is a bottle of wine missing.  And I found a few wine glasses with glitter on them.  So maybe they are on strike.  Maybe they just flutter in to drink my liquor and then pass out on my couch.  *shrug*

It is POURING rain here.  Again.  On the bright side, I think we can finally build a dock off our back porch.  Hubby is going to be thrilled when he comes home and realizes that our backyard is now a lake and he can finally get that boat he has been wanting.

However, let me just tell you… trying to get a Jack Russell and a Toy Pug to go wading out into the lake to take their morning tinkle break… not so fun.  Add to that their prissy, holy-er than thou attitudes and it turns into a real circus.

Picture this.  Me picking each of them up, one at a time, and running out to the grass to throw (yes THROW) them into it while screaming  “ it’s ok, go potty go potty, please go potty and mama give you a treat, go potty!!!”  Since of course I have to repeat this process until they finally realize I won’t stop until they pee, you can imagine I am drenched before this is all through.

Then comes the ÜBER FUN task of trying to dry them.  Jazz, the pug, seems to think that trying to attack the towel AND the arms that hold the towel is the best way to accomplish this task.

I have to start chanting to myself Cass, be the pack leader, be the pack leader!! Guess who successful I am at *that*??

That is a less than successful endeavor, so I just have to deal with wet carpet and couches all day.  And hey, on the bright side, who doesn’t love a nice wet dog air freshener??? 🙂

So I can’t lie.  I am sitting here trying to type my random thoughts but the only thing going through my mind is the pending ultrasound.  My appointment is in less than an hour to see if this pregnancy is still working out.  The numbers show that it is but we haven’t seen a heartbeat yet.  I am sooooo nervous.  I have a bad feeling in my gut.  I am just trying not to throw up.  Wish me luck!!!

I will try and post an update later today.


The ultrasound went well today.  After the doctor searched high and low ForEVER, he finally found the little gestational sac.  There is only one sac.  So I won’t be getting my own TV show! For those of you who have made comments about that.  LOL

I am measuring about 5 weeks now.  We thought we were about a week and a half further along.  But you never know.  All my numbers and measurements are consistent with 5 weeks.  God works in mysterious ways.  But I am feeling much better about things today.  So happy that it is not a tubal pregnancy!

We will have another ultrasound Monday morning to see if we can get a heartbeat.

Thank you for your prayers!!



My Foggy Brain Random Tuesday Thoughts


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We went on a super quick trip to Houston this weekend to visit family.  It was rushed but fun.  Wish I could do it more often.  It was nice to relax and drink beer and just talk.  I missed it.

I know I am SUPER behind on everyone’s blogs, be patient, I will catch up as soon as I can.  J

Yesterday I got my first injection of Follistim.  I made chuck stab the needle into my thigh because I freaked out and couldn’t do it.  But then I didn’t even feel it so I thought he chickened out.  I opened my eyes and there it was sticking out of my leg.  So that was a relief.  But I am nervous and so excited.  And wildly irritated at the side effects so far.  I feel loopy, tired, irritable, lacking motivation to get anything done around here and worst of all, I feel like my brain is only half working.  It’s an adjustment, but I am keeping my eye on the prize!  Even if I do want to smack every single member of my medical team.  GRRR!  Seriously, losing patience with that crap.

It’s been raining for days.  I am sooo loving the drop in temperature, but it’s starting to feel a little drab.  Ready for some sunshine already.

Tomorrow we get new carpet.  Yay!!  Our carpet looks like hell.  Because of the rain, it should be interesting trying to corral two nutty dogs and one toddler into the kitchen for as many hours as it takes them to replace the carpet.  Pray for me.  Lol

I had the “sea of babies” dream again last night.  I keep having the same dream where I am sitting on the floor of a huge room.  Spread out in front of me is a sea of pink and blue blanket swaddled babies.  They are all crying and I know they are all mine.  And I am crying because they are crying and I am (clearly) overwhelmed.  There must be millions of them.  Babies for as far as the eye can see.  If I had any artistic ability, I would paint a picture of the crazy scene.  I keep having the same dream. *shrug*

Bachelorette was HEEELARIOUS last night!!  Reid coming back and making Jillian all… “uhh uhhh uhhh” just made me laugh.  I don’t like her so I guess that made it easy for me to laugh at her issue.  I feel like your heart should know if you are sure.  But that is just me.  Who knows.  I loved how Chris Harrison handled her.  He was like “HELLLLLO Captain Obvious!!”.  It was great.

I need to take a nap or I am going to fall over.  So I might as well take the chance while Monkey naps.  I can’t believe how weird this medicine is making me feel.

Sorry about my terrible blog today, I seriously can’t put together a coherent sentence in my brain right now.  *sigh*

What is random about your Tuesday?

Please don’t forget to comment!!  Love love love Comments!! 😀



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