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PMS is a bitch Random TT and Daily Photo


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My little brother is mortified that I call Monkey, Monkey and insists that I stop calling him that ASAP because he feels I am going to do him severe emotional harm if I don’t.  Being the stubborn bitch that I am, I insist that Monkey is a totally rad nickname and I’m quite positive that if I was a 16 year old teenage boy, I would like nothing more than to be called Monkey by my adoring family and friends.  Right?  I know Hubby LOVES it when I call him Tank.  Which, mind you, was the nickname he chose from a list requested.  So I see no harm in Monkey staying Monkey.  And Tank staying Tank.

Speaking of Tank, everyone has been asking what tattoo I got.  So, because I know you have all been losing sleep with anticipation and curiosity…

Hubby and I got our wedding band tattoos on Saturday for our six year anniversary.

We got married the day after Christmas in 2003 in a courthouse in Castle Rock Colorado.  It was the perfect day.  We had a big wedding the following September with family and friends, but on 12.26.03 it was ALL about us.  Nobody to please.  Just us.

So to mark the occasion, we each had the others name tattooed on our wedding ring finger.  I will have to check with Hubby to see if he is comfortable with his name being outed because as you may have noticed, I only refer to him as Hubby and (as of today) Tank.  So you may or may not get to see the pics of that.

We are supposed to get snow today.  Like an inch of it.  I cannot wait! I miss snow.

I am hoping I will get to see some of the puffy white goodness when we get to COLORADO! Which, in case you missed it, we will be arriving in the GORGEOUS state of perfection on Thursday, WOOT!  Talk about the AWESOMEST way to start off 2010!

Everyone wants to see us when we get there, but I will only have 16 days.  And trying to see 23984103298741 friends and family members in that amount of time is really difficult.  Which means that no matter what, people always get their feelings hurt because I simply cannot make time for it all.  I hate it but it’s part of not living there.  *sigh*

I am trying to catch up on some TV before we leave so that my DVR doesn’t pack up and leave me for overloading it while I’m gone.  But it’s not easy trying to watch my shows, do laundry, clean the house, chase a toddler, pack for our trip, write a blog *ahem*, and all the other countless things I am trying to do at once.  Which while it isn’t new, it is irritating.

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, which you probably didn’t but TRUST me, poor Hubby HAS, I have PMS.  Yes like SEVERE I want to rip the heads off of helpless bystanders PMS.  If I don’t get aunt flow seriously soon, I can’t be held accountable for what I may do.

Here is my Daily Photos for today…

The dryer beeped, thus ending our conversation together.  It was fantastic, but honestly, it did feel a little one sided anyway.  I’m afraid I didn’t get you get a word in edgewise.  So have a fanfriggintastic Tuesday, nnkay?


What is random about your day?

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Chocolate Needy Dear So and So Letters of Intent

Dear So and So...

Letters of Intent


Dear Huge Zits on my Face,

Apparently you missed the Memo.  You are supposed to be attaching yourself to a helpless teenager.  Not to my wrinkles.  Nnnkay?

Seriously.  This is getting old.

Feeling 13 again, and not a good way,



Dear Chocolate,

STOP! Seriously! Stop tempting me.  Do you see what you are doing to my face?!?!


You suck! (But taste oh so good)



Dear Monkey,

Please.  For Mama?  PLEASE!  Start talking.  Not only am I worried about you not talking because of your age, but I am SERIOUSLY over the whining and grunting to get everything you want.  It’s making me grouchy.  So please.  TALK.  k?

Love you baby but I got a VERY short fuse,



Dear Cass,

You are going to have a nervous breakdown if you don’t learn how to mellow out a little big.  You have been complaining of PMS for over two weeks now.  And even though it is possible, it’s getting a little OLD.  Get a fuse.  Go to Sams or Costco and get a HUGE one if you must.  But for all of us, get one!

That vein seriously looks like it’s gonna pop,



Dear Hubby,

Hope you enjoy your weekend away fishing.  Be safe and catch a lot.

Wishing I had the same draw the water did.




Dear Stats,

Why am I suddenly only getting like 50 reads a day when last week I was getting over 200?

Starting to get a complex,



Dear Readers,

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Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Truth be Told!



Because honesty is the best policy, here are some truths that were rattling around my head today.  Since my head never shuts up, you never know what truth will break its way to the surface.  I apologize up front that you have to endure this.  Enjoy.  Lol.

Truth # 1: PMS is a raging bitch and she is trying to kill me this week.  Even while I am spewing nonsensical angry remarks at those around me (the hubby), I know they are… well… nonsensical.  But I can’t help it.  I am blaming PMS because I can.  And my hormones said so. *insert screaming curse words here*

Truth # 2: Sometimes when I am driving on the highway with all the loonies of the Ark-La-Tex, I allow the road rage to take me over.  And while I have sworn off all hand gestures for the safety of my little passenger, I still tend to scream out obscenities, knowing full well it won’t be long before Monkey is repeating words much worse than “Shit”. Mama needs to learn to shut the hell up.

Truth # 3: Some days when I look in the mirror, I don’t see the yucky fat chick in the mirror even though I know she is there.  Those are good days.  I want one.  N.O.W.  nnkay?

Truth # 4: I sometimes hold unrealistic expectations for my husband even though I know they are ridiculous.  But I do it anyway.  And then I get upset with him when he doesn’t live up to them.  Yeah, I know. *shut up*

Truth # 5: Even though we are trying desperately to get pregnant again, there are some times… in the middle of the night… when Monkey refuses to sleep and is up screaming and wanting “MAMMMMMA” 12837190523 times and then wakes me up at FIVE-FRICKIN-AM that I think to myself… “Am I really ready for more kids?  Or is one enough?”

Ok.  That is all the truth I have in me for one day.  *sigh*

Do you have any Truths that you would like to share?

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