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Not Me! Monday

I have decided to finally participate in an episode of Not Me Monday by the adorable MckMama at  I’m sure you know who she is since she has like a gobzillion readers.  Some day I will be as amazingly famous as her.  Ok, not really, but in my head it works. *grin*

So without further ado, here are the things that most definitely were NOT ME

It most certainly was not me who ate an entire bag of honey mustard pretzels last week for lunch.  And NO WAY would I then chase it down with TWO Kit-Kat bars from the Halloween candy stash.

It was also not me the other day who saw Monkey playing happily in the playroom and thought to myself “aww no! how did he get chocolate milk all over his bum?” and it was most definitely not me who took another 5 minutes to connect “oh dear lord, we don’t HAVE any chocolate milk!” And it FOR SURE was not me who cursed the diaper company for making a diaper that leaked.  Eww.

Since I have totally not been lazy the last 3 weeks, it was totally not moi that rewashed the same load of clothes 5 times over the course of 5 days because I kept forgetting to put them in the dryer.  No way would I ever do that!

It was not me who was too lazy and battling a migraine who pulled into the Taco Bell to order her family their dinner.  And it most certainly was not me who allowed my 20 month old to eat Cinnamon Twists when that was the only thing he didn’t scream about and try to throw at me.

And FOR SURE it was not me who accidentally grabbed the cordless house phone instead of my cell phone for my drive to the Taco Bell.  That would just be silly.

Guess what else was not me? Well… since you asked… (heh) it was not me who broke down and let Monkey keep one of the toys that I bought for a friends new baby girl just so he wouldn’t scream and continue to make a scene.  So, now it is not my almost 2 year old who is STILL carrying around a rattle for an infant baby girl.  Nope.  Not my kid.  No way!  LOL

Ok, that’s all I have for this week.  Please make sure to click the link above to go and add your won “Not Me Monday” posts.

Hugs and kisses!



And I am back!!! Miss me? Dear Friday So and So…

Dear So and So...

Sorry for falling off the grid there.  Jimmy and I are sick, AGAIN, for the 2nd time in a month.  Yay germs.  😦

Without further ado… here is Friday’s Dear So and So!!  Have a great weekend!!


Dear Baby or Babies to be,

Please let me see you on the ultrasound next week.  It was disheartening to not be able to see you yesterday on the ultrasound.  I am trying to stay positive and hopeful since your numbers are still climbing and suggesting you are doing really well.  Just give me a sign.  K?

Anxiously awaiting good news,



Dear Sinus Infection number two,

Seriously?  Again?  Seriously???  It’s been like what… two weeks since you last attacked me!?!?!  Oh.My.Gawwwd.

You suck,



Dear Monkey,

I am so sorry that I can’t make you feel better.  I am so sorry that you take after your Mama and want complete undivided attention when you are sick.  I understand that you feel the need to be held, cuddled, and smothered in hugs and kisses 24/7 when you are sick.  I don’t even mind that you wipe your very alarmingly green boogers on my shirt.  This is how bad I feel that you are sick and that I can’t fix it.

Not the Super Mommy Fixer of All Things that I thought I was,



Dear Laundry,

Please do yourself.  Cause I am on sabbatical.

Thanks much,



Dear Messy House,

Please clean yourself.  Seriously.  Ugh.



Dear To Do List,

Why must you mock me?




Dear Homeless Man from the Taco Bell yesterday,

When you walked up to my car, I tried to act nonchalant and didn’t rush to roll up my window even though my snobby side told me to.  And when you asked me if I would be so kind as to spare a few bucks or get you some lunch, I agreed because you looked like you needed a yummy Taco Bell lunch, so I ordered you up 3 fat burritos.  However, I must say I felt a bit uncomfortable when you asked to get into my truck, and that is of course why I declined your invite.  But you agreed to meet me around the side by the pickup window to retrieve your lunch, so I let it go.  I really beginning to get the heebie jeebies though when I looked around to give you your lunch and you were nowhere to be found.  Now my panicky side is left to wonder A) Where the hell did you go?  B) What was your real intent on coming to my window and asking me to get in to my truck? And C) What do I do with these three burritos??

Thank you for making my good deed feel like something that could have resulted in me being on the 10 o’clock news.  You are a creepy, creepy man that will haunt my dreams now.  I just pray you were too drunk or strung out to remember that I agreed to buy you lunch.

Please don’t ever approach my truck again and freak me the hell out,



Dear Readers,
Thank you for putting up with me for another week. I do hope that you chose to participate in Dear So and So. Just click here to go to Kat’s Blog and get the button for your page. Or add your letter in the comments. Would love to read!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by, again 😀


Helpful Tips and Hints from the Desk of a Toddler


Hi there!

I know you expected my Mama’s usual *boring* blog, but instead today you get me!  I am James, otherwise known as Monkey.  I will be guest blogging today on Mommy’s website, because for a 17 month old, I have a lot to say.

Today I’m going to give you some helpful tips that you can use to help Mommy clean house.  You’d better get a pen and paper so that you can write this down.  You don’t want to miss anything. *grin*

Tip #1:  Vacuum Assistance

Mommy’s need extra help when vacuuming.  I used to hate the vacuum and I would scream and scream.  But then one day, because I like to keep Mama on her toes, I decided to switch it up on her.  From that moment on, I became obsessed “in like” with our vacuum.  I find that one of the best ways to express my love for the vacuum is to throw toys at it while Mommy is vacuuming.  Mommy loves it when I do this.  Books and toy cars work best.  And you MUST run away laughing and screaming like a goofball after each throw.

Another fun activity and handy way to help is to play “Vacuum Chicken“.  I think this is the most helpful to Mommy.  The rules to Vacuum Chicken are easy.  Just run full force at the vacuum, screaming as loudly as you can.  The first one to swerve out of the way is the Chicken.  Mommy always looses this game.  Be prepared if Mommy stays her course because then there will be a collision.  But this is great too because it gets some wonderful cuddle time with Mommy (especially useful in delaying Mommy’s chores).  Use your best fake cry while doing this to win extra points.

My favorite is to help Mommy vacuum the play room.  This is the best time to take all of your toys out of their proper storage place and throw them into a pile in the middle of the play room floor.  It is very fun to watch Mommy try and vacuum around all of my toys.  This is also the best time to try and dive bomb the vacuum.  Mommy won’t know it is coming, so you can easily catch her off guard and watch as she tries to scurry out of the way.

Tip #2:  Bed Making 101

Mommy loves my help when she is making my bed.  Because my bed is “safe” and stuff, the mattress fits very tightly.  So Mommy has to take the mattress out of my crib and put it on my floor to change my sheets.  This is when I like to sneak up behind Mommy and steal my bed sheet.  It is best if your Mommy doesn’t know you have done this, so be as quiet as a mouse.  Then I find that the best hiding spot is in the laundry room on top of the dirty clothes pile.  Mommy loves it when she has to search the house and hunt down my sheet.  And she REALLY likes it when she finds my fresh and clean bed sheet on top of the dirty clothes.  Especially because Daisy, our doggy has beat Mommy to the laundry room and has made a nice cozy bed out of my clean sheet.  This takes us to our next tip.

Tip #3:   Laundry Help

This is where Mommy’s really need the most help.  As soon as Mommy puts the laundry basket on the floor to fill it with dirty clothes, you need to grab the laundry basket and run as fast as you can in the other direction.  This will successfully help delay Mommy’s laundry duties.  Then she will chase you down and beg and plead for you to give it back to her.  Kicking and screaming is an excellent tool for getting your point across here.

Once Mommy has successfully mastered the art of washing a load, I like to assist her in putting the toys from the washer into the dryer.  Oh wait.. did I say toys?  I meant clothes.  But everyone knows that a plastic car is a good fabric softener so if you have one handy, you should throw it in while Mommy is not looking.  That way she won’t know that you have your plastic toy car in the dryer until she unloads the dryer later to find the melted car in with the clean clothes.

This takes us to dryer and folding assistance.  Mommy will again need you to steal the laundry basket at this time.  **Don’t forget to run away as quickly as possible.**  Make sure to run before she has filled it completely with clothes.  This way she has to carry the remaining clothes through the house in search of you and her basket.  This is an excellent way to get Mommy to drop clothes that you can later find and put into the bowl of dog water.  Mommy really loves this if you bring her the soaked sock or t-shirt while she is sitting on the couch folding the already dry clothes.  That is the most useful time to place said soaked item on top of the folding clean laundry pile.

The best way to assist Mommy in folding the clothes is to wait until she has folded all of the clothes in perfect little stacks.  Because then she will put all of the clothes in the laundry basket.  And if you are sneaky, this would be the exact time to swoop in and steal the laundry basket again.  As you know, the best course of action is running and then screaming when caught.  (Please see above.)

Tip #4:  Glass Table and Window Cleaning

In my house, Mommy and Daddy thought it would be extra fun to have all glass tables to keep me entertained.  So I love to help Mommy when she is cleaning them.  The key to successful Glass Table Cleaning Assistance is to make sure to wait until Mommy has washed all finger prints, smudges, slobber, and crusty questionables off of the tables.  That is when it best to stick your entire hand in your mouth, and then firmly place the wet hand on the table.  This next part is critical so make sure you write this down… Now it is time that you RUN, not walk, RUN around the table, making sure to keep the soaked and slimy hand securely on the table.  This is the best way to achieve proper application of slime.  This technique is also very useful for application of slobber to Mommy’s clean windows.

That’s all the time I have for today.  Mommy says something about a nap.  Next time I will give you a list of tips to assist Mommy with nap time as well.

Lots of Love,



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