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Cops who pee, smelly plugs, crappy friends and other Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Oi!  Today is one of those days.  Just blah.  It’s hot outside and I am feeling Oohgy! (yes it’s a word, cause I just said it was).

I am still a little crampy and puffy from the IUI last week.  The doctor says its normal but wants to see me just to be sure that I am not over-stimulated and by that they mean in an “uh oh, you’re in trouble” kinda way.  So another ultrasound, which is always fine by me.

Friday marks 10 days since the IUI so I am hoping we will get a BIG FAT POSITIVE pregnancy test by then. I am soooo feeling like this is going to work this cycle. *grin* Positive thinking? Perhaps.  But either way, I am stoked!  Can’t wait.

The other day there was a cop sitting out in front of our house to catch people who don’t stop at the stop sign.  No big deal, they cops are there a lot.  I always offer them bottled water, because sucking up to cops who are catching A-Holes speeding and running the stop sign in front of my house are the kinda cops I wanna suck up to.  *nod*

So after an outing, after I get out of the car, I say hello to him and let him know that if he needs anything, just feel free to knock on my door.  He politely thanks me and returns to his eagle eye watching of the stop sign.

Then about an hour later, I am passing through the kitchen and happen to notice the officer getting out of his car.  He opens the door, leaves it open, walks around to the back of the car and proceeds to *URINATE* on the street.  Right there, plain as day.  I was in shock.  I just thought… “ohhh myyyy gawwwd!”.  But what are you gonna do?  I suppose when you have to go, you have to go, right?  *shrug*

Which reminds me of a bathroom issue.  Why are there never enough damn outlet plugs in a bathroom??  Do home builders really not realize what women people do in a bathroom?

I have a HUGE master bathroom.  I have no idea why they built my bathroom so big in comparison to the size of my house, but I *LOVE* it!  Seriously, everyone who see’s it says “Oh my god! Was that supposed to be an extra bedroom?” or “Who the heck needs a bathroom that big?!?”.  And Chuck and I have even joked that we could put our king size bed into that bathroom with plenty of walking space left.  Because we could!

However, there are only 2 outlets in the whole thing.  There are his and her sinks on opposite ends of the room and yet there are TWO outlets!  That is only 2 little plugs for each of us.  If Chuck’s is all used up by his toothbrush and his electric shaver, then please tell me how am I supposed to plug in my smelly wall thingy from Bath and Body works, my night light (cause I might just be afraid of the dark), my electric toothbrush, my straightening iron and my blow dryer???  I am always unplugging stuff to plug in other stuff.  And then sometimes I get confused and plug in the wrong thing.  It’s crazy!

After I win the lotto (hah!), I plan to build myself with enough outlets for any practical gal, and a set of his and hers toilets. *grin* This way I always know what I am going to be sitting on. Yeah baby.

Oh oh oh, and gueeessssss what???? Ok, I know you can’t guess BUT… Today my GRAM will be here!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!  I am so excited!  She will be here for 3 glorious weeks!  We are going to go shopping and play with the Monkey, and maybe go to the zoo, and go to a baby consignment sale at the fairgrounds, and we are going to cook and bake and have the BESTEST TIME!!!  I can’t wait! 😀

I heard this funny answering machine message in an email joke the other day and I am pretty sure I will be changing my voicemail to say this.

“I am not available right now, but thank you for caring enough to call.  I am making some changes in my life.  Please leave a message after the beep.  If I do not return your call, you are one of the changes.”

It is time for Mama to make some serious changes in my life. It has been a long time coming.  I have several friends that I need to cut ties with.  However, I have decided that as of today, I am giving all of them a clean slate.  BUT!  Going forward, I am no longer letting people walk all over me, have one sided “all about them” conversations EVERY FRIGGIN TIME WE TALK, not letting them abuse my super huge caring heart *grin*, or letting them lie, and not letting them bring all sorts of negativity in my life.  Going forward, it is all about good, positive, giving, HONEST, real people.  All the others will be shunned.  *nod*

What are some random’s in your life today?  Do you have anyone you need or plan to sluff off?  How do you plan on ridding yourself of them?



Building Block Wordless Wednesday




We had the IUI today!!! Say a prayer!! We will find out in 10-14 days if we are pregnant.  I just KNOW it is going to work ! 😀

I’m sorry but seriously, I have the CUTEST kid in the world!!! 😀  LOVE HIM!



Update Random Tuesday Thoughts


Sorry I have fallen off the grid.  The sinus infection bug attached our house!  UGH!  And so we have been doing a lot of sleeping and resting and just fun ole yucky stuff.  Snotty noses, sneezing, whining, chills, fever, aches, chocolate eating… wait, what?  Oh.  That was just me.  🙂  We are on the mend.  Sort of.  Getting there.

OH OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!   Some fantabulous news to report!  Monday we had another ultrasound and blood work and it appears that my follicles have finally done their thing!  The injections did their job!  We got the green light and will have the IUI in the morning!  Say a prayer that we get pregnant!  I think we will!!

And I also have some bad news to report.  Dan woke up from his Coma last week.  And seemed to be semi-responsive.  But then fell back into a coma on Saturday and has been unresponsive since.  The doctors say this isn’t good.  He is breathing on his own.  However, it appears at this point that he will have to be institutionalized.  It makes me sick to think that he is going through this pain.  I feel almost guilty being happy about the injections being a success.  However, I know Dan and I know he would want us to be happy.  He watched from front row seats for several years of our fertility slumps.  I am trying to keep all of my prayers and happy thoughts up.

It is so weird think how life can change in an instant.  It is scary really.

That is all I have for this tiny post.  I am going to go nap while the baby naps.  Trying to kick this sinus infection and all be darned if I don’t want to sleep 24/7.

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