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ANT you glad you asked? a little rANT

Sooo… How are you?  Good, good.  Oh, how am I?  I am peeved.  Wanna know why?  Ok but only cause you asked…

I don’t know what it is about my house!  But bugs frickin love it! And apparently they are telling their friends.  Bitches.

So, I have ants.  IN.MY.KITCHEN!!!!

It all started about a week ago.  I was doing dishes.  And just as I was about to flip the disposal switch, which is precariously located right next to my kitchen window, I noticed an interesting array of tiny black dots.  With an even more curious line black line leading from the switch to the kitchen window.

“What the… OH MY NASTYNESS!  It’s ants!”

And they were all gathered on the light switch, which means that someone, (and I am not pointing fingers, because well let’s face it, it might have been me) touched the light switch plate with food or sweet “stuff” on their fingers.

So I rush to clean them all up with a Clorox wipey…   *shudder* and dial the new found exterminator at the same time.  What? I multitask.

Anyhoo… the Bug Kill Owner Guy  answers on the first ring* and I tell him my sob story of the ants and how it’s only been 2 days since they were there to spray my house and how I cannot LIVE in these conditions and that the house might as well be condemned and, and, and …. Well maybe I just hinted at all of that.  But seriously?  He tells me that he can’t come by today and feeds me some line about it being his daughter’s wedding or some crap and I’m all “but there’s ANTS everywhere!!! They are taking over my kitchen, you have to come now!!” And he says they will be by on TUESDAY because Monday they won’t be in town because of this big wedding.  Who is this girl, the Queen or something?!?  JEEEZ!

*in my defense, I didn’t know I was calling his cell phone… that was the only number they gave me to call. although I totally would have called the cell number if they had given it to me…  cause seriously when I dialed, I was waiting for the operator to ask me if i had an emergency and needed to have Dr Bug Killer paged, to which I TOTALLY would have said HELL YES!

Clearly he failed to see the importance of my MONUMENTAL ANT PROBLEM.  And so he suggested I use Formula 409 and clean my house ”really good” and I am all “but I am clean, and umm…they are still here” and he insists that my house has to be “thoroughly cleaned” and so then I start to take a tiny bit offense.  But instead of reaching through the phone and smacking the crap outta this dude for suggesting I am anything but the neat freak *cough* that I am, I am nice.  Why?  Well because for one I just paid these dudes 70 smackers to spray my house to kill ALL bugs and two, the only other exterminator in town still hasn’t returned my call from like 3 weeks ago. GRR!  So, I have to deal.

So Sunday, I use Clorox to scrub the whole kitchen.  Even in the cupboards because it seems that they have started to crawl their little nasty butts into the cabinet closest to the window.  I take everything out of the cupboard and run it thru the dishwasher and then store it neatly on the counter furthest from the ants.  Because as luck would have it NOT! that is the cabinet that we keep all of Monkey’s dishes in.  Sippy cups, plates, forks and what have yous.

Then Tuesday morning, they come over and put down all this stuff outside of all the windows to “lure” the ants out.  They are supposed to eat this crap and then die.  Whatever.  But they never come into the house to spray anything.  And he tells me that they do this because if they spray then the ants will send out “panic alerts” (his words not mine) to tell the other ants to “abort” and move elsewhere.  He says this will cause them to just up and move.  Like to my bathroom.  Fuckers.  Gah!

So Wednesday, I still have ants and I call because I am like “what the hell man!?” and Bug Killer Owner Guy tells me that it could take up to two frickin weeks to work!! And then I kinda suggest that perhaps the ants are there because of something they did and how it’s weird that they showed up after they spray my house and this guy is all “Ohhh no!  We don’t want to bring bugs in Maaaaaa’aaaaam” (He seriously drew out ma’am for like 10 seconds like that too) and so now I think I pissed him off.  *sigh*

In all honesty, there have been maybe 50 ants.  I spot 10 here or 5 there.  But where there is one there is thousands, right?? And it has been 3 days and I still have them!!! It’s sooooo nasty!!  I hate it!

Bug Killer Owner Guy made me promise I wouldn’t use bug spray inside the house.  He swears that is the worst thing to do.  But I have about had it up to here!!!

Yes, that was seriously a whole blog about ants.  If you made it the whole way, I applaud you.  I probably wouldn’t have.  LOL


What is your take on it?  Do you think I should jump ship and buy some bug spray?!!

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Ruhroh Rorge! Random is as Random Does! RTT


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I am so glad it is RTT because my brain is SOOOO random right now it is nauseating.  You have been warned.  Huge Randomness comin’ at ya.

As a matter of fact, my super overactive brain has caused me to lose quite a bit of sleep lately.  Every night when I think I am tired enough, I go crawl into bed and then as if on cue my brain starts going a million miles an hour.  With LOTS of stuff.  From the mundane like the fact that for over a week now, I keep forgetting to buy myself toothpaste and at any moment I will not be able to brush my teeth without using toddler Vewwy Bewwy paste… to the super critical decision making like Christmas with the family and baby making.  (Not in that order)  If this keeps up, they are going to put me in a padded cell.  Which I guess will be ok, just as long as Jill is in the padded room next to me. *grin*

The lack of sleep has a lot to do with the memory foam mattress that we have that I hate with a passion dislike.  It has screwed up my back and neck.  (Even worse than it was screwed up before I got the stupid annoying bed.)  So tomorrow I am going to have a massage!!  WOOHOO!  Pamper me baby for one full hour! YES!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Speaking of Jill, she had a ackward fantabulous giveaway yesterday, which I apparently won, even though I didn’t know I entered.  Please click here to check out my creepy amazing prize.  It’s guaranteed to give you the willies make you laugh!  No, seriously… HEELARIOUS.  Must see. *wink*

Hubby is sick and is staying home tomorrow…. err today.  (I am writing this Monday night in my insomnia fog… go figure).  I just hope it isn’t the flu.  Or the piglet flu either.  Cause both would suck.  Not to mention, it would REALLY suck (for him) if he has to sleep on the back porch as to not infect the rest of us.  And Monkey will totally back me on this.  We will just wave at him from the backdoor.  And hurl chicken soup from a window.

Can you take too much Airborne?  I hope not.  I had 5 of them yesterday, and plan to take probably the same amount today.  And I have made Monkey wash his hands 239841032985 times since he woke up.

Funny conversation with Hubby about Supper plans on Sunday:

Hubby:  What’s for dinner?

Me:  Brinner.

Hubby:  What the heck is brinner?

Me:  Brinner?  It’s breakfast.  Breakfast for dinner?  Brinner?  Get it?

Hubby:  HaHaHa, that’s funny!  I never heard that before.

Me:  Really? Well I didn’t make it up so I can’t take credit.

Hubby:  How come it’s not called Brupper?


He cracks me up.

I finally got all of the bugs MURDERED in our house.  YAY!!  And wouldn’t you know it, Danny, that I talked about here and here NEVER called and NEVER showed up!  How insane is that?!?!  Total lack of respect.  Irritates the shit out of me!  I can’t figure out how businesses stay in business with these customer service skills.  It baffles me.

I was browsing MckMama‘s photography website yesterday and she has this song playing.  It is A la Claire Fontaine from the movie The Painted Veil.  Which was an awesome movie, imo.  Anyhoo… I just keep hearing this song over and over and over in my head.  So of course I had to get it on iTunes.  It is so beautiful.

I got this picture message with this note on my cell phone yesterday from my Dad.

downsized951023090938Pic of Ruhroh driving out of our lives for the last time.  Sniff.

That was the car I learned to drive in.  Astro Mini Van.  The coolest of the cool.  The license plates said Ruhroh.  To this day it is the only car I have ever been able to parallel park.  Shut up!

I totally cried when I got the text.  Weird?  Perhaps.  But it makes me sad to know that it is gone.  All four of us kids drove that car over the years.  I remember the fun we used to have in it on long car rides up to the mountains.  There was only a bench seat (not enough space for 4 kids) so we put 2 bean bags in the way back for seats.  Seat belts?  We don’ need no stinkin’ seat belts!

It makes me sad.  Times they are a changin.  *sigh*

What do you think of my new signature? I got bored of the old one.  I really want to redo my blog page again, but I am soooo bad at that!  And I don’t know anyone who designs WordPress blogs.  It seems everyone does Blogger ones.  How lame is that?  Yes, April, I am talking to you! LOL

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Exterminator Fail Random Thoughts Tuesday


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So remember my spider problem?  And I told you that my uber cool bug dude, Danny, was going to be here Monday to slay the bugs?  Ok maybe I didn’t say it exactly like that.  But regardless, he is NOT uber cool!

I have had some issues with Danny in the past getting here and returning my calls and what not.  He is a young guy and so when he is here we are chatty and stuff.  And he is comfortable with me.  Apparently, he is too comfortable.  Because he started to take for granted the fact that I was so “nice” and just put me on the back burner.  However, I am not the back burner type.  Why, just last night my husband said I was “Very demanding.” And I am.  But that’s me.

But when he didn’t show up yesterday and didn’t return my THREE phone calls, then I knew enough was enough.

So I called and got a NEW exterminator scheduled for this week.  And they sound NICE!  And I told the guy, who was also the owner, that I want return calls if I leave a message and that if I have an appointment I need them to be on time and that I will be happy to take my business elsewhere if he cannot meet those very basic needs.  And do you know his response?  “Wow! Well don’t you worry little lady, customer service is our number one priority!”

How cute is that!??!  So yay!!  Dead bugs scheduled for 14 hundred hours Thursday.  Over.

This morning I woke up with like CRAZY cleaning fever.  I started cleaning everything I could get my hands on.  And not just basic cleaning, I mean like DEEP down get every dust spec with a microscope deep cleaning.  Which if you know me, you know this isn’t a daily occurrence for me.  I am a clean person and I like a clean house.  But my drive to concur that goal on a daily basis?  Not so much.

So today, I will clean until my arms say no more or until I get bored.  🙂

Sheesh, I really need to pick up my game!! I am boring you to tears, I just know it!  Hell, I am boring myself to tears!


What is a random fun fact about yourself.  Tell me something that I don’t know about you.



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