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PMS is a bitch Random TT and Daily Photo


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My little brother is mortified that I call Monkey, Monkey and insists that I stop calling him that ASAP because he feels I am going to do him severe emotional harm if I don’t.  Being the stubborn bitch that I am, I insist that Monkey is a totally rad nickname and I’m quite positive that if I was a 16 year old teenage boy, I would like nothing more than to be called Monkey by my adoring family and friends.  Right?  I know Hubby LOVES it when I call him Tank.  Which, mind you, was the nickname he chose from a list requested.  So I see no harm in Monkey staying Monkey.  And Tank staying Tank.

Speaking of Tank, everyone has been asking what tattoo I got.  So, because I know you have all been losing sleep with anticipation and curiosity…

Hubby and I got our wedding band tattoos on Saturday for our six year anniversary.

We got married the day after Christmas in 2003 in a courthouse in Castle Rock Colorado.  It was the perfect day.  We had a big wedding the following September with family and friends, but on 12.26.03 it was ALL about us.  Nobody to please.  Just us.

So to mark the occasion, we each had the others name tattooed on our wedding ring finger.  I will have to check with Hubby to see if he is comfortable with his name being outed because as you may have noticed, I only refer to him as Hubby and (as of today) Tank.  So you may or may not get to see the pics of that.

We are supposed to get snow today.  Like an inch of it.  I cannot wait! I miss snow.

I am hoping I will get to see some of the puffy white goodness when we get to COLORADO! Which, in case you missed it, we will be arriving in the GORGEOUS state of perfection on Thursday, WOOT!  Talk about the AWESOMEST way to start off 2010!

Everyone wants to see us when we get there, but I will only have 16 days.  And trying to see 23984103298741 friends and family members in that amount of time is really difficult.  Which means that no matter what, people always get their feelings hurt because I simply cannot make time for it all.  I hate it but it’s part of not living there.  *sigh*

I am trying to catch up on some TV before we leave so that my DVR doesn’t pack up and leave me for overloading it while I’m gone.  But it’s not easy trying to watch my shows, do laundry, clean the house, chase a toddler, pack for our trip, write a blog *ahem*, and all the other countless things I am trying to do at once.  Which while it isn’t new, it is irritating.

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, which you probably didn’t but TRUST me, poor Hubby HAS, I have PMS.  Yes like SEVERE I want to rip the heads off of helpless bystanders PMS.  If I don’t get aunt flow seriously soon, I can’t be held accountable for what I may do.

Here is my Daily Photos for today…

The dryer beeped, thus ending our conversation together.  It was fantastic, but honestly, it did feel a little one sided anyway.  I’m afraid I didn’t get you get a word in edgewise.  So have a fanfriggintastic Tuesday, nnkay?


What is random about your day?

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This week I am going to look at the positives.  Today more specifically the things that I love.  THINGS not people.  You don’t really want me to make you a list of all the people I love do you?  That would be a LOT of reading.

I *LOVE* my DVR.  Because without it I would go mad.  Thank goodness it is HUGE because lately I am a total slacker and am way behind on… EVERYTHING.

I *LOVE* the talking dog Dug in Up.  And now I am obsessed with adopting a dog and naming him Dug.  Don’t tell Hubby.  Hubby if you are reading this… he followed us home.  What was I supposed to do? *grin*

I *LOVE* my wedding rings.  And I especially love when someone comments about them.  They are so sparkly and still make me grin from ear to ear.  And even though I say “aww, shucks, thanks” and pretend to brush off the compliment, I am really thinking “oh yeah, you wish you were me right now, don’t you, booya!” *blink*


I *LOVE* the word motorboat.  Because it always makes me laugh to say it or hear it.  I guess I’m just a kid at heart and can’t help but giggle.

I *LOVE* that I haven’t shaved my legs in three weeks and nobody has noticed.  Maybe I am trying to set a record.  What?

I *LOVE* my new shampoo.  When I get out of the shower, all I can smell is fresh celery.  Odd but refreshing.

I *LOVE* fuzzy socks.  But really, who doesn’t? Am I right?

I *LOVE* my house.  Right now I really love it though because it’s clean! *gasp*

I *LOVE* my dual monitors on my desk.  And I love that I am so spoiled that getting on the laptop makes me cringe because I am so damn spoiled.

I *LOVE* tattoos and can’t wait to get more.  It’s on my wish list fer suuure.


I *LOVE* coffee shops.  Yummmmmeh!

I *LOVE* drive thru’s.  All sorts.  Drive thru Starbucks, drive thru food but especially drive thru liquor. *grin*

I *LOVE* my Tahoe.  One main reason is that when I am in the drive thru at Starbucks and the little red convertible thinks he can cut in line all I have to do is edge up a little and he knows that I could squash him like a bug.  And he of course backs off.  I feel tough.  Check out these guns.  *flexing muscles*  *giggle*  (ok, well maybe he was just letting me in because he was nice… either way I win, right? hah!)

What things do you *LOVE*?

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Rainy Irritable Dear So and So Friday

Dear So and So...


sexy fire manYes, we all remember the fireman. 🙂

Dear Fireman J from yesterdays post,

Since I haven’t heard from you in (calculating in my head) ummm… years.  I completely forgot that you were on my Yahoo messenger list.  Which I have had since… forget it… a LONG time.  Anyhoo… you can imagine my complete and utter shock when I got your message on Yahoo yesterday.   Seems that your ears must have been burning.  While I did resist the urge to tell you how weird it was hearing from you because I had just posted a blog about your tiny penis it was hard for me to mask my shock.

You didn’t have much to say other than hello and to tell me that you are married now (I hope she has a fondness for Chapstick) and that you are both expecting your first baby next month, a girl.  Congratulations.  I actually think you will make a fantastic father.

Anyway, it was just totally beyond weird to hear from you COMPLETELY out of the blue.  I have been watching the heavens for lightening ever since for fear I am in big trouble with the dude (or chick) upstairs.  Am I am in trouble for flaunting your wee manhood in front of the world?  Or at least for flaunting in it front of all 69 of my readers? Ok totally going to hell for that.

Good luck to you J.


Ps. If you ever read this, I am totally talking about another J that I dated that was a fireman.  Totally.  It isn’t you.  He just happened to use the same Chapstick line.  But I hear a lot of guys use that line, so it totally wasn’t you I was referring.  🙂


200236712-001THIS is how hard it’s been raining.

Dear Rain,

You SUCK!  You suck you suck you suck you suck!



Dear DVR,

No Mama has not abandoned you.  I promise to return soon and to soak up your love and flood you with kisses.  If it wasn’t for you, Mama couldn’t make it through this week at all knowing all of my shows were being saved in your perfect black little body.  I promise this won’t last much longer.

Forever devoted,



Dear Cass,

WTF where you thinking!?!?!  NO TV THIS WEEK!?!?  Do you not see the raining and the flooding outside?? Are you not catching onto the fact that both you and Monkey have *mad* cabin fever?  You need to seriously weigh your options here before you end up in a padded cell.

Just sayin,




Dear Patio Furniture,

I am so sorry this is your life right now.  Your feet must be so pickled.  I would let you come in but… well you’re patio furniture.  Sorry.




Dear Captcha Lovers,

Can you please give me one good reason why you REALLY need this on your blogs?  I am seriously having issues with my computer wanting to boycott them right now.  One major issue is that whenever I hit “Send” on my message in a hurry to get to the next blog, I click X and just as I see the captcha appear, the blog closes.  I have NO interest in going and finding your blog again and retyping my whole comment again so usually then you just get a simple comment like “cool” because I am so irked that I had to come back to play a game of captcha ball in the first place that I don’t even care if I have left a suitable comment.  (Yes that sentence was all one breath) And lately, I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering not commenting on them at all.  Cause I feel so irritable about it.  Does that make me a total bitch?

So I am asking, in all fairness… PLEASE… if you have a captcha… PLEASE… explain why.  I wanna know.  I really, really want to know.  Change my mind on it.  Kay?

Thanks much,

Big Mama Cass


stop it

Dear Monkey,

Why must you open and close the same door 9 BILLION (yes with a B) times even after I have asked you 9 B I L L I O N times to stop??  And why must you continue to SLAM it into my wall whenever you swing it open.  The hole in Mommy’s wall will thank you to STOP IT.  Nnnkay?

While we are on the subject, why do you continue to scale every single piece of furniture??  You have the speed of a stealth bomber!  I blink and you are on top of the table holding the lamp!  STOP IT!

Please, please STOP IT before you give Mommy a heart attack.




Dear Readers,
Thank you for putting up with me for another week. I do hope that you chose to participate in Dear So and So. Just click here to go to Kat’s Blog and get the button for your page. Or add your letter in the comments. Would love to read!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Thanks for stopping by… again!



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