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Happy Random Ranting Dear So and So!

Dear So and So...



Dear Random Reader,

I am sorry that when you searched for “urinate front yard” you found my blog.

Sucks to be a friggin weirdo you,



Dear Baby to be,

Hi!  Even though you are only an itty bitty little blob of cells right now, I am SOOOO glad you are growing now.  I am sending lots and lots of prayer and crossed fingers and hopeful, positive, happy vibes your way.  Keep growing like you are.

Meet you next year,




Dear Doctor,

Even though I kinda want to strangle you most of the time.  Right now you seemed to have proved me wrong and indeed have helped me achieve my goal.  Now I don’t have to run you over if you walk in front of my car.

You win,



Dear Gram,

I am so sorry that I am so boring and that your three week visit is consisting of grocery shopping, watching me cook dinner, watching me feed the baby, and watching me change the baby, and watching me chase the baby, and watching me put the baby in time-out AGAIN.  Feel free to clean when you are bored, that is *ahem* what I do.  *nod*





Dear Monkey,

Ya know how sometimes Mommy’s face gets bright red and steam comes out of her ears and she looks like her head is going to explode?  And how sometimes she throws herself on the floor and starts kicking and screaming and… oh wait… silly Mommy!  That isn’t Mommy who throws herself on the floor… that is YOUUUUUUUU.  But in case you were wondering… THAT is why Mommy’s face gets bright red and steam comes out of her ears and why she looks like her head is going to explode.  Keep that in mind in case Mommy’s head suddenly goes boom.

So loving this lovely terrible two phase that we are entering together,



Dear Cass,

Why must you giggle like a school girl when you read your stats?  Is it just because for the last FOUR days, yes FOUR DAYS in a row, you have had exactly 69 views?  It is coinsidence?  Yeah I didn’t think so either.

Giggle if you must,



Dear Readers,
Thank you for putting up with me for another week. I do hope that you chose to participate in Dear So and So. Just click here to go to Kat’s Blog and get the button for your page.
Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Thanks for reading!!


Things I have learned from my Toddler


  • When you wash your bras (and that is totally what I look like in my bra, by the way, lmao), do not hang them to dry where your toddler can reach them.  Because when the doorbell rings, he will see this as the perfect opportunity to bring you said bras while he is also using them as a chew toy.  Your lawn person may respond like mine with Deer in the Headlights face and just say “ummmm… uhhh… ok then” and walk off.
  • Somewhere around 17 months of age, your toddler may decide that he no longer wants to sit still while you attempt to change his diaper.  This will most commonly occur when he has had a SERIOUS bowel movement.  Then the kicking, wiggling, and screaming will commence.  But he will wait until you have started to remove the diaper before the “freak out” because he wants you to think that he is actually going to hold still so that you are both not covered in yuckiness by the end of the diaper change.  Do not be fooled!! Use rope, rubber bands and/or duct tape if necessary.


  • Anything that can be pushed around like a shopping cart will be.  This includes trash cans, boxes of any sort, laundry baskets (especially when trying to fold clothes out of one or trying to place sorted dirty clothes into the basket) and sometimes even an end table.  I advise against allowing the last if you have glass tables like me.
  • If there is an open soda can or beer bottle within a hundred mile radius, an 18 month old will find it and dump its entire contents on your new carpet.


  • When your child tries to show you some chocolate that is on his finger from a recently eaten cookie, it’s best not to taste it unless you smell it first to decipher if the brown smudge is indeed chocolate.  This was brought to me by a friend’s experience. (Or was it?)
  • When your toddler comes up to you and starts petting your bare leg like a dog, it’s time to think about upping your personal hygiene


  • Taking a toddler shopping at a Wal-mart (with half broken air conditioning) for 2 hours when everyone else in your town is also shopping there (and sweating and smelling) and then having to wait in line for another 35 minutes is not how I would suggest spending a Saturday afternoon in 95 degree heat.
  • Wash closely when your toddler is eating.  Otherwise you may be forced to fish an entire bowl of goldfish crackers out of his mouth at the Olive Garden in front of hundreds of people.  Complete with colored drool and screams of protest.

Well that is all the lessons I have for today 🙂  lol

What things have you learned from your toddler?


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