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Swim baby swim!!

A totally inappropriate but HILARIOUS cartoon I found to kick off my blog today.


My follicles are rockin their little socks off!! WOOHOOO!

My ultrasound went super duper awesome today and so I gave myself a trigger shot (to force my body to ovulate) with the BIGGEST needle IN THE WORLD!!!

ok, ok maybe it wasn’t THAT big

…at 1:15 today.  Annnd tomorrow morning we make the drive to Dallas at 5 am *gasp* to get the IUI.

I am OVER THE MOOOOOOON!  Tomorrow is the day we will make a baby.  I just know it will work.  And I know in my heart it will stick this time.

So I need y’all to do me a favor…

Say a prayer, cross your fingers, rub Buddha’s belly, throw salt over your shoulder, light a candle… whatever you do… do it!  K?

Please???  I will owe ya.  Kay?

Cheers to BM10!!!

PS… Please also say a prayer for my sanity tomorrow because we are going to have to take Monkey to Dallas with us.  The sitter can’t be here because she has a once a year seminar she has to attend for school.  (what are the chances?)  So little Monkey is going to have to make the trek with us.  Which should be awkward to say the least but I am trying to stay positive about it.  *all smiles*

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Randomy Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Monkey has learned so many new words lately. He now says “Hi Mama” which is awesome!, “thank you welcome” which is hilar! and “I poop” which has really come in handy. 🙂

After he learns one that he particularly likes, he spends the next three days saying it 129385412903813 times.

Most recently, he learned how to say “clock”.  Although with toddler mouth, he leaves out the L.  You can imagine how much so not fun it is when out in public strangers hear my 2 year old scream “COCK!” every five seconds.

It won’t be long before child services shows up to verify that I am not running a brothel in my house.

I just keep saying, “yes Monkey, CLOCK, tick tock goes the cLLLLock” in hopes that the onlookers will see my frustration and not my inner child giggling.

Conversation with my Mother Friday:

Mother:  “What are you going to get Tank for Valentines day?”

Me:  “Just my love.”

Mother:  “Aww, that’s not good.  I think you should write him a poem.”

Me:  “Yeah? Like what?  Roses are red, Violets are blue, you better start picking up your dirty socks, or I’m gonna smack you?”

Mother:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

We are getting new furniture for our house.  I feel like a kid at Christmas.  I have never in my life bought new furniture that I picked out.  So this is a totally new thing for me.  And Hubby apparently thinks I have good taste and said yes to everything I chose.  Who knew?

I am actually DREAMING about new furniture now.  This is how bad I want it.  All new living room furniture and a new kitchen table!

I have tons more random but no time to tell you about it.  I will tell you, however, that there is a certain ROCKIN’ AWESOME someone who is designing a new blog page for me and OH MY LORRRRRRD I am so excited.  I feel like… like…  IMPORTANT or something now.  Don’t ask me why.

I can’t seem to find time to read any blogs, so you will have to forgive me for being absent.  I know I sound like a broken record lately, but I seriously cannot figure out who invented the whole “only 24 hours in a day” crap.  That is just complete nonsense.  We should start a petition or something.  Who’s with me?

What is random in your day?

Answer me this… Do you ever make faces behind people’s backs?  Do you think they ever make faces at you?

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Getting Snowed Dear So and So Letters of Intent

Dear So and So...

Letters of Intent


Dear Terra the Awesomeist Hairstylist EVA,

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair cut.

It’s SOOO edgey!  Does that mean I am cool now?? Although I wish you had mentioned that the grays are starting to take over my head.  Little jerks.  Will be in very soon for some color. *nod*

You’re the bomb!



Dear Monkey,

I hope you had a fantastic 2nd birthday last weekend!! I is shocking to me that time is FLYING by so fast!  But for the record, you didn’t have to begin your terrible twos THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTHDAY!  And your over use of the word “NO!” makes finger nails on a chalkboard sound like a sweet symphony.  Just sayin.

Oh and all the strangers that you have said “EYE TWOOOOO” to, think you are just the cutest damn thing to walk the face of the planet.  At least that’s what their faces say when their mouths say “AWWWWWWWWWW”

You’re the mini bomb baby!

Love you bunches Monkey!



Dear “BuyViagra”,

Thank you for your comment on my blog of “Your insight is perfect.  What a great blog!” Let me just say that from your comment I have learned that clearly you are a person of intelligence.


when you said “Check out my website and tell me what you think!”, you will have to excuse me as I have to pass because your name, BUYVIAGRA, is a little telling.  And call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that you didn’t even READ my blog.

And I thought we were going to be great friends.  Pffft.

Soooo sick of spam,



Dear Jasmine,

Happy Eighth Birthday!! I can’t believe you are so OLD!  Mama loves you so much.  Please stop aging though, nnkay?  I am starting to worry.

You will always be my beautiful baby girl.



Dear Texarkana,

Today is the only day in almost 3 years *gasp* that I have lived here that I think the city looks truly beautiful!

If you keep bringing the snow… Mama gonna like it.  *nod*

Lovin’ the white stuff (no not that white stuff, people, sheesh)



Dear Ovaries,

Today is day two of our cycle.  Tomorrow we start the injections.  What do you say we make ourselves a baby!?!?!  WHO’S WITH ME!

HutHutHut Break!

(ok so I don’t know what they usually say in a huddle, but you get the idea, haha)

Baby Making 2010 has begun.  BM10 for short.  LOL

So dear, sweet, loving ovaries… please work!  pleeeeeeeease?


The Bod

Dear Readers,

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Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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A Pity Party and a Picture

Soooo, a friend of mine is finding out the sex of her baby today.  She is pregnant.  We were due the same time.  Then I of course lost the pregnancy and she is still pregnant.  I am so happy for her but so totally bummed that I am no longer pregnant.  I am trying to stay positive and hopeful for when we do get pregnant but I can’t help but feel the sting a little.

I have to finish packing.  Our Big Adventure begins tomorrow!  I am trying to pretend I don’t notice the fact that Monkey is trying to make me CRrrrRAaaaaAAZZZzzzYYYyyY with his insensate NON.STOP.WHINING!  PMS and non stop whining?  Recipe for disaster.

Or recipe for earth shattering M.I.G.R.A.I.N.E. that I had to not only endure in torturing pain last night but then I had to go and force Hubby to leave work early and come home so that I could let him endure it as well.

These are the times Tequila Shots are made of.

As promised, a pic…

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Some News and Daily Photo


Did everyone have a fantastic Christmas???  I did!

I don’t have a lot of time to say a lot of what I want to say, so here is a running ramble update. 🙂

Got a Kindle, a tattoo, a Nintendo, UNDER THE DOME (yay) and tons of other FAB gifts, I think I am totally hot shit now; we are going to Colorado for 16 days WOOT!; can’t do fertility this month *frown*; have to wait till next month; have to pack and get ready to go cause we leave on Thursday morning; have tons of pics to post; most likely won’t be able to get to a computer while in Colorado; but going to try to have lots of posts ready to go before we leave; will miss you all terribly, but Colorado is going to be THE BOMB and yes I still say the bomb because I am wicked cool like that. Rad. 🙂  Any questions? lol

I will leave you with this because if it doesn’t make you smile and laugh out loud then clearly you have no soul.  lol And I want to hear about how much you LOVE it.



Did Santa please you this year?  What are your plans for New Years Eve?  Any resolutions you plan to make this year?

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One Year Ago… & Random Tuesday Thoughts


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One year ago today, Monkey took his first steps.  And I caught the whole thing on camera.  Yes it was only technically 2 steps (or perhaps 1 1/2) but when your kid is just 10 months old, that is BIG SHIZZLE!

It AMAZES me how much time has changed.  Now he runs all over the place like he’s late for a hot date.  As much as I wish he would slow down and walk, he just loves to run.  And fall.  Run and fall.  In that order.

I can’t believe that one year ago today I had a 10 month old and now I have a 22 month old.  WOW.  Those are worlds apart!

We start the injections this month.  This cycle.  I am nervous.  Not sure why.  Well, I am pretty sure I will get pregnant (knock on wood) but I am scared if I will stay pregnant.  I hope I hope I hope.

I want this to work so baaaaaaad!

I am trying to get my Christmas cards done.  But I have 150 cards to prep and I am sure as hell not writing all them addresses by myself!  No sir-ee bob!  And guess who is probably not going to write them all his-self either?  LOL Yup, the Hubby.

Soooo… I am trying to get all of them printed on my fancy home printer.  *sigh*

I have had this fancy Canon photo printer for about a year and other than printing 12348972903857 recipes and other random bits of fun, I have yet to print a photo or envelope or anything else of substance.  So, if anyone knows how the hell to use it… please come over and clue the clueless in.  Nnnkay??

There is not enough time in the day to get all of the shit done that I need to get accomplished.  I am getting seriously irritated about it.  I need to give up something.  But what?

Maybe I am just a slacker.

My Starbucks addiction is getting out of hand.  Even Hubby is starting to make subtle hints.  *humph*

I was going to have a bunch of photos prepared for you today but it didn’t happen.  Sorry 😦

Tomorrow I plan to share pictures (plan being the oprative word) of Monkey’s new haircut!  Cut by the new salon in town “Mama does hair”.  They just opened.  And it’s super close!  All I have to do is drive through the master bedroom into the master bath and I am there.  Awesome deal.

ANNNND, he didn’t scream like a loon the whole time I was cutting his hair.  So.  Haircut WIN!  I did awesome too.  Sursly.

What’s new in your world?

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*Love* vol 2

The lovely DC Princess does a weekly blog called I LOVE Fridays.  I was inspired by reading her posts each week to write one similar last week called *LOVE*.

I so enjoyed doing the *LOVE* post that I think I might make it a regular event.  Not sure yet but we shall see.  It won’t be on a specific day because, well I have too many days devoted.  And I just can’t commit to that kind of pressure.  HAHA

I won’t however be restricting myself to only “Things” today like I did last time.  Just whatever comes to mind.  Yay!  (say Yay, you know you want to) 🙂

Here goes….

I *LOVE* that my ass is all healed!! YAY!!!  (what a freakin’ nightmare that shit was!) SHEEZ!

I *LOVE* that I got soooo many comments, emails, phone calls and messages from people telling me how much I was missed last week!  I was shocked and honored.  And now I have a big head.  Yay!!

I *LOVE* my Jacuzzi bathtub.  Yay!

I *LOVE* that we got all of the shopping done for Thanksgiving today!  No more crazy crowds.  Yay!

I *LOVE* that I got awards from AMAZING bloggers this week.  Thank you Carma Sez!  Thank you Stuperhero Extraordinaire!  And a very belated thank you to MommyBrain and Rudy Family Rukus!   All are great, please check them out.  Yay!

I *LOVE* that someone rushed out of Wal-Mart with such hunger to getiton that they just whipped ripped their “Ecstasy” Trojans out of the box and left the box in the parking lot.  Yay!

I *LOVE* that I stopped to take a picture of the empty Trojan Box thinking ahead that I just had to share my jealousy excitement with all you poor, unsuspecting readers.  *grin* Yay!

I *LOVE* Entourage!! I just started watching it and have made it through to the middle of season 4.  I can’t believe I ever missed this show!!  It is sooooo good!  Yay!!

I *LOVE* that the weather is finally getting cooler.  Wearing long pants is much more socially acceptable when you go 4 weeks without shaving. Haha  Yay!!

I *LOVE* that December is so close now I can taste it!  Because it means TWO things that I *LOVE* are coming.  #1 The holidays!  (and my house gets uber awesome decos for the holidays) And #2 our next round of injections!!  Yay!

I *LOVE* these Suds.  If anyone knows how I can get in touch with them so that they can come to my shower and entertain cheer me on I would surely appreciate it!  Yay!

I *LOVE* Saying YAY!!!!!  🙂

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I am a complete goofball, a photographer and a constant out loud thinker. I am a grammar challenged, vulgar, cursing, sex obsessed Big Mama fumbling through life. Among other things, I battle PCOS causing infertility, Bi Polar, Anxiety and OCD.

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