My son refuses to sleep.  He is officially trying to push me over the edge.  This is my assessment.

This happens every time we go out of town to visit family.  He gets his schedule all off and thus completely ruins any hope I have of sleep for months.  The problem begins with just the onset of travel.  But it gets even more fun when he wakes up in the middle of our fist night away in a strange place wanting his Mama that I gladly give in to ease his discomfort and try desperately not to let him wake up everyone else in the sleeping house.  Then the cycle begins.  He wakes, I pick him up and hold him close.  Then when my body is screaming at me begging me to sleep, I even start to just allow him to lay in bed with me and sleep.  While I know full well this is going to be a path I SHOULD NOT go down, I go… full steam ahead… to ease my need for sleep.  Then the proverbial “snowball effect”.  He wakes, I get him, into bed with me he goes, I try to put him back into his pack and play because I can’t sleep a wink when he is in bed with me, he screams, I give in and put him back into bed with me and so on and so on.

Fast forward to now.  Night number two at home in our own beds fresh from Pittsburgh.  Night number two of fits of screaming and shaking at Mommy’s insistance to stay in his own bed.  OhMaGodOhMaGodOhMaGoddddddddd!!!  Will this child EVER go to sleep??

Yes, he is asleep now, after just 2 hours of screaming and my ears will NEVER be the same.  Although I seriously didn’t think we would get there.  And now I am WIDE AWAKE.  ugh.

I don’t do the “cry it out” method either.  We have been doing the Baby Whisperer techniques.  He screams, I hold him, place him in bed, as soon as he cries, pick him up sooth him, put him back, he screams, i pick him up, sooth him, back to bed, yada yada yada… you get the idea.  This goes on like this FOREVVVVVER!!  And after 2 hours and he is finally worn out, not to mention ME completely toast, he goes to sleep.

This is the method we use every time we return from a trip.  By the end of it all I have aged years, and the have the grays to prove it.  It takes a few days but we get back on track and then he sleeps like a champ.  (well most of the time.)

Cue the monkey wrench!!

We have friends coming to visit tomorrow.  They will be staying through the weekend.  While I love their visits, (fully admitting that their children make corporal punishment forefront and very enticing in my mind), I am stressed about their arrival.  The way my house is structured, the bedroom they will be staying in with their two boys is next door to Jimmy’s room.  With his nightly wakings, I am afraid I will fall back into “traveling habits” and thus extending the time it takes me to get him back on track.  I know this will happen because I won’t want to wake them up while I deal with the two hour fiasco of screaming.  Then I will remain exhausted their entire trip, including New Years Eve (yay!) and be thinking of nothing more than please god make them go so I can get this kid to sleep normal!! and that just isn’t fair to any of us.

I seriously have no idea what to do.  If I put him into my room with me in a pack and play, he will do the same thing.  Plus then I have to keep him from waking his Dad because he has to work in the morning.  Don’t even get me started on that drama right now.

When is it that I get to just have one night to sleep and actually ENJOY that sleep?!?!

5 Responses to “Sleep?”

  1. 1 ashley
    December 30, 2008 at 9:02 am

    I know you don’t want to hear this but crying it out was the best thing that we ever did for ty. We tried the baby whisper and a couple of other strategies and none of it seemed to work just think about it obviously not when you have guests there but i’m telling youit was the best thing that we EVER did for ty

  2. December 30, 2008 at 10:27 am

    Wow! Layton’s going through a similar situation. He doesn’t take two hours to go back to sleep though and we don’t have the screaming fits. He gives it up pretty easily but he’ll try to fight it. GOD BLESS YOU!!! That’s all i can say. He woke up a lot last night but Scott got up with him cuz he’s off work this week since we’re moving.

    I think he should sleep in his room though while your company is there. They may be deep sleepers so maybe it won’t affect them. I’d tell them the situation or some of it and apologize if he wakes them up though. I’ll be praying that it all works out and you can get some sleep!

    • 4 bigmamacass
      December 30, 2008 at 10:29 am

      thanks! I think that is the route I am going to plan on going. We will just wait and see if I can hold out each night.

      where are you moving to?

  3. December 30, 2008 at 10:28 am

    Also, I commend you for not letting him cry it out. I have read a lot of things about that and i didn’t care for any of them. I don’t let Layton cry it out either.

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