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Good afternoon!

I read a blog today that has changed my whole outlook on my political blogging from now until the election.  I am not saying that I am not going to continue to blog but I have decided that I will change my mental direction.

The blog I am talking about is The Perfect Solution by the fantastic Nina .  I hope you go and read her original blog if you haven’t already.  Here is one quote that inspired me:

“So, taking a cue from Natasha I’m going to have a Woo-Sah moment till November 5th. I’ve got too much to be happy about. A beautiful new baby, my favorite time of year, paid bills, money in the bank, family visiting soon, my amazin daughter, and two more weeks with my husband before he goes back to working ridiculous hours. Oh, and fall shows, hot chocolate, a chocolate lab, new neighbors with non-twatish kids that Kali actually LOVES to play with, Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet, Mike and Bette to play Halo 3 with almost every night, Richard, a PS3 to play Jeopardy on, and a new fondant recipe that kicks ass.”

Ok now to understand why maybe you need a bit of insight.

I am extremely headstrong with it comes to my beliefs.  I have this odd sense of obligation to try and show people how my way is the right way!  I feel it is a moral obligation.  But even though on the surface I seem irritatingly pushy about it (and I know this), I still understand in my head that you may not want to be pushed.  However, for some reason, I can’t stop myself.  I just feel baffled by the fact that someone isn’t seeing things the way that I am seeing them.

It’s like I see the blue sky and say, “don’t you see what I see??? don’t you see a blue sky?!?” even though the whole while you keep repeating, “no the sky is green! green!”.

I don’t know why I have that compulsion, it could be genes, or that I am Italian.  It could be the way I was raised, ignorance or maybe that I am an Aries.  Who knows.  No matter the reason, it is who I am.

So it is no surprise that with the election coming up and my more than clear support of Barack Obama that problems would ensue.

After several blogs that I have posted I have gotten into heated discussions regarding my beliefs and been so heated about them that I have allowed it to alter my day.  That’s why when I read Nina‘s blog I went, “Whoa!” Because there are a lot of other things that I have to be happy about.  And it is darn time I focus on those!  So from now until the election, I will take a word from the wise Nina and just have a Woo-Sah moment.  Sounds good to me!!

What about yourself?  Did you read Nina‘s blog?  What did you think?  Have your beliefs ever steered you into trouble?

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