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The blog that got away!

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

This was a blog that I thought I posted a couple days ago. But my computer is dumb dumb dumb and who knows what happened to it. Regardless.. it got away. -sigh- So here is it again…


Anger and hatred is sad. It is even more sad when it is spewed by someone who claims to have the country’s best interest at heart. Sad, sad, sad.

Even the Republicans are starting to see the McCain/Palin “mob” is doing wrong!

Frank Schaeffer of the Baltimore Sun has been a long time supporter of McCain and even helped him get elected in 2000. Even he has turned. Read what he has to say.

McCain’s attacks fuel dangerous hatred

By Frank Schaeffer
October 10, 2008

John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barack Obama with terrorism, questioning his patriotism and portraying Mr. Obama as “not one of us,” I accuse you of deliberately feeding the most unhinged elements of our society the red meat of hate, and therefore of potentially instigating violence.

At a Sarah Palin rally, someone called out, “Kill him!” At one of your rallies, someone called out, “Terrorist!” Neither was answered or denounced by you or your running mate, as the crowd laughed and cheered. At your campaign event Wednesday in Bethlehem, Pa., the crowd was seething with hatred for the Democratic nominee – an attitude encouraged in speeches there by you, your running mate, your wife and the local Republican chairman.


John McCain: In 2000, as a lifelong Republican, I worked to get you elected instead of George W. Bush. In return, you wrote an endorsement of one of my books about military service. You seemed to be a man who put principle ahead of mere political gain.

You have changed. You have a choice: Go down in history as a decent senator and an honorable military man with many successes, or go down in history as the latest abettor of right-wing extremist hate.

John McCain, you are no fool, and you understand the depths of hatred that surround the issue of race in this country. You also know that, post-9/11, to call someone a friend of a terrorist is a very serious matter. You also know we are a bitterly divided country on many other issues. You know that, sadly, in America, violence is always just a moment away. You know that there are plenty of crazy people out there.

Stop! Think! Your rallies are beginning to look, sound, feel and smell like lynch mobs.

John McCain, you’re walking a perilous line. If you do not stand up for all that is good in America and declare that Senator Obama is a patriot, fit for office, and denounce your hate-filled supporters when they scream out “Terrorist” or “Kill him,” history will hold you responsible for all that follows.

John McCain and Sarah Palin, you are playing with fire, and you know it. You are unleashing the monster of American hatred and prejudice, to the peril of all of us. You are doing this in wartime. You are doing this as our economy collapses. You are doing this in a country with a history of assassinations.

Change the atmosphere of your campaign. Talk about the issues at hand. Make your case. But stop stirring up the lunatic fringe of haters, or risk suffering the judgment of history and the loathing of the American people – forever.

We will hold you responsible.

Frank Schaeffer is the author of “Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back.” His e-mail is


Now if that doesn’t tell you McCain supporters something then you are sadly too far gone. If that is the case, then please watch this… because even McCain is starting to see the light!

Now I have gained a bit (a tiny bit) of respect for McCain for doing this. Because what has been going on with the name calling and the horrible death threats being made (no comment from the peanut gallery, please… we already know how you feel in regards to Obama’s fate Beka ) is horrible! I hope this means that McCain will get back to the REAL issues now. Back to honesty and runing a fair and decent campain.

I for one was shocked but impressed that he finally said something. Way to go McCain. Keep it up. It is about time that we got back to the real issues and not all the lies that your party has been telling!! Let’s see how long you can go. I am betting it won’t last through the weekend.

What do you think?



“A New Politics For A New Time”

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

It is just after 9 pm, the baby is asleep (WAHOO!), hubby is asleep on the couch (and sick which sucks), the dogs are sleeping and not pestering me.  I am drinking a wonderful cup of hot ginger tea (yumm!) It’s perfectly quiet in my house with no tv’s blaring, just the perfect lull humm of the air conditioner.

.. ahhhhhh…

I should be taking the beautiful opportunity to take a nice hot bubble bath in my sad and lonely jacuzzi tub!  But instead I am on the computer checking my email! haha  (I am pathetic)

But then my lovely, relaxing moment got even better!

I am registered to get updates and info from  It’s great because you are always kept up to date and get neat info in your mail box all the time.  And it’s no secret I am a big supporter.  (Wow, if I keep saying that I am going to start sounding like a broken record)

Anyhoo… I got an amazing video today from when I checked my mail.  It is a super feel good video!  I just had to share it.  It is some behind the scenes moments at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  God how I wish I could have been there!  Of all the years for me to NOT be home!  grrrr

Oh well… moving on… so check it out and tell me what you think!

I love his quote at the end… “A new politics for a new time.”  It moved me. 

What did you think?


Gotta love a liar!

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

The beautiful ♥~Cassandra~♥ posted a blog, McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare that I had to share!  Check it out.

Gotta love a man who knows how to LIE!  This is who we want running our country, right???

Before you McCain supporters get up on your horse, just remember one thing… the polls speak for themselves!

On another note… the baby is sick and REFUSES to eat or sleep.  I think it’s his teeth because he is running mild fevers every once in a while and chewing on EVERYTHING in site!  (except his food!)  I can only get him to take bottles right now.  I feel so bad for him.  Poor little buddy

Needless to say, I am exhausted!!! 


to debate or not to debate… that is the question…

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.
Good afternoon!

I read a blog today that has changed my whole outlook on my political blogging from now until the election.  I am not saying that I am not going to continue to blog but I have decided that I will change my mental direction.

The blog I am talking about is The Perfect Solution by the fantastic Nina .  I hope you go and read her original blog if you haven’t already.  Here is one quote that inspired me:

“So, taking a cue from Natasha I’m going to have a Woo-Sah moment till November 5th. I’ve got too much to be happy about. A beautiful new baby, my favorite time of year, paid bills, money in the bank, family visiting soon, my amazin daughter, and two more weeks with my husband before he goes back to working ridiculous hours. Oh, and fall shows, hot chocolate, a chocolate lab, new neighbors with non-twatish kids that Kali actually LOVES to play with, Ciao Bella blood orange sorbet, Mike and Bette to play Halo 3 with almost every night, Richard, a PS3 to play Jeopardy on, and a new fondant recipe that kicks ass.”

Ok now to understand why maybe you need a bit of insight.

I am extremely headstrong with it comes to my beliefs.  I have this odd sense of obligation to try and show people how my way is the right way!  I feel it is a moral obligation.  But even though on the surface I seem irritatingly pushy about it (and I know this), I still understand in my head that you may not want to be pushed.  However, for some reason, I can’t stop myself.  I just feel baffled by the fact that someone isn’t seeing things the way that I am seeing them.

It’s like I see the blue sky and say, “don’t you see what I see??? don’t you see a blue sky?!?” even though the whole while you keep repeating, “no the sky is green! green!”.

I don’t know why I have that compulsion, it could be genes, or that I am Italian.  It could be the way I was raised, ignorance or maybe that I am an Aries.  Who knows.  No matter the reason, it is who I am.

So it is no surprise that with the election coming up and my more than clear support of Barack Obama that problems would ensue.

After several blogs that I have posted I have gotten into heated discussions regarding my beliefs and been so heated about them that I have allowed it to alter my day.  That’s why when I read Nina‘s blog I went, “Whoa!” Because there are a lot of other things that I have to be happy about.  And it is darn time I focus on those!  So from now until the election, I will take a word from the wise Nina and just have a Woo-Sah moment.  Sounds good to me!!

What about yourself?  Did you read Nina‘s blog?  What did you think?  Have your beliefs ever steered you into trouble?

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highway robbery! **UPDATE**

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

This is highway robbery…

[Unfortunately, this video is no longer available on hulu]

I looked everywhere for the skit that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers did on SNL Thursday night last night about AIG but couldn’t find it.  If you have found it, let me know.  Did you see it?  I thought it was great!!


Because Gavin and Logan’s Mommy is so gracious!  She pointed out that the SNL website might have what I wanted (doh!)

So here is the part 2 of the show.  You can watch the whole thing or just the AIG part if you want.  The AIG part is if you scroll ahead until there is about 2:15 left in the show (counter dial on right).

Weekend Update

Thanks Denise! xoxo!


Glass houses…

This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

Just finished watching the debate.  WOW!!    Sheeeeesh!!  If I was on the fence before, (which I wasn’t) then that “display” sure would have solidified my vote!  That McCain is a piece of work!

Anyhoo… afterward, I checked my mail and I got a great email from my Dad that I had to share.  He in one word “ROCKS”!!

It said “Must see TV.  A little ditty about people who live in glass houses.”

It’s a bit long but VERY worth it!

Please don’t make a snide comment (yes you!) unless you have at least watched the ENTIRE video.  Thanks!

ok… off to bed… i am wiped!



This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

I saw this today and LOVED it!  Check it out and tell me what you think.

Please register to vote!  Research online and make sure you know who you want to vote for before you go on November 4th!

Thanks for listening




This blog was originally posted on MySpace.

So I haven’t written a blog in forever and a day so here I am… writing one.  (not sure if anyone will even read it but here goes…)

So I got my Obama yard signs FINALLY today and I cannot tell you how AWESOME it feels to put them up!  I am surrounded by McCain signs in this neighborhood.  Is it weird that I actually feel sick to my stomach when I see one of those signs?  ECK!

In other news… Jimmy is trying to make me crazy, I have decided.  His new thing is screaming.  Like… just in random moments.  SCREAMING

Like… this was us walking thru the grocery store yesterday….

Mommy:  “oh i think we will get some apples”


Strange Passerby:  “oh how cute, he is talking”

M: “uh huh.. he is vocal like…”


SP: “oh he sure…”


SP: “….is”

and then they walk away with a look on their face like


by this point I am trying to say, between screams through gritted teeth, “ok son pleeeease stop screaming, you are making mommy look like a baby thief, people are staring…”


and then what do i do?  pretend he isn’t screaming at the top of his lungs???

Then we get up to the cash register and the check out lady says, “oh was that your little baby we heard talking in the back of the store?”
(why does everyone call it talking? is that the polite way to address it?  because i am just thinking, OMG whats with the screaming?!!?!?)

And as soon as we get out of the store he is as quiet as a church mouse.  Crazy.

So what is new with everyone?  Is everyone registered to vote?  What is big for the weekend?


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