Who can roll over??? I can!!!

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Hi there!

This is Jimmy.  I wanted to tell you something great!  I decided that today I would roll over all by myself.  I knew how to do it, but I was just waiting for the right time.  This was not your average rolling over either.  Oh no, I mastered that rolling from front to back stuff a long time ago.  Today was the big stuff!  I was laying on my back playing with my Giraffe when Mommy went to the kitchen to “get some seltzer”, whatever that means.  I knew that would be my chance.  So I rolled over so that when Mommy came back in, I was laying on my tummy.  She got very excited!  Who knew this rolling thing could make her so happy.  So she put me on my back again, because I guess she wanted to see for herself.  I decided I would roll over again, but I wanted her to wait a while first.  Then I rolled over again.  Mommy started jumping up and down, clapping her hands and saying I was such a good boy.  I don’t know what the fuss was about but Mommy does get happy and tell me I am a good boy a lot.  She is pretty silly.  Then she grabbed her camera to take more pictures of me.  She takes a LOT of pictures of me.  Well all of this rolling over has made me SOOOO tired so I am going to go take my nap now.



about moi…

Hi, my name is Cass. I am married to an amazing man who loves me unconditionally. I’m a stay at home mom to a rockin’ 2 year old boy who I call Monkey. I have an 12 year old step-daughter who lives in another state. We miss her daily. We also have two fur babies, Daisy and Jazz, who keep us on our toes. They are awesome!

I am a complete goofball, a photographer and a constant out loud thinker. I am a grammar challenged, vulgar, cursing, sex obsessed Big Mama fumbling through life. Among other things, I battle PCOS causing infertility, Bi Polar, Anxiety and OCD.

Currently I am riding the fertility roller coaster in an attempt to make Monkey #2. This blog is about a little of everything. I hope you enjoy. Read at your own risk!


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