Rain is Ruff Ruff Ruff!

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I hate the rain. I didn’t used to hate the rain but I started hating it when I moved to Texarkana Arkansas. It’s bad enough that I have to live in Texarkana, but add to that the MASSIVE rainfall in this frickin place and then it loses all its appeal. (Appeal? HAH!)

At home (in Colorado) when we get rain it’s all pretty and smells great and looks nice and doesn’t ruin everything in your yard including your roof! Not to mention that it is great for making things grow! Right? Well NOT HERE. Here is rains like mother nature just broke up with her boyfriend! I mean we are talkin loud thunder, strobe light lightening, GOLF BALL size hail that falls so fast you are scared the roof will cave in. And the rain?… it floods your yard and your porch and turns every square inch of your lawn into a mud pit.

Ok now add to that a jack rat puppy who was born to dig and has no problem playing in the mud. My 6 year old pug, Jazz, is so stuck up and prissy that she won’t even go outside when the cement is damp, let alone go walk in the mud. I literally have to carry her out to the grass to go to the bathroom in wet weather. We are talkin SERIOUS prima donna.

But NOT my jack rat. Oh no! Daisy thinks it is the best present she could ever have. So when I let her out for 5 minutes, and then coax her back into the house with of course the promise of treats… THIS is what greets me at the back door…


…and the look on her face shows that she knows that momma is not a happy camper…


She even has mud all over her face and mouth! I don’t know if she was eating the mud or what. I do know that she is not easy to clean in the tub, that is for sure! haha At least I can look at it and laugh now… cause I sure wasn’t laughing yesterday! haha

Well… my fun days just keep going! Wonder what tomorrow will bring!! haha

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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