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Online friends are super. Its wonderful to meet new people all over the world and find common bonds. I also love that you can always find someone who in someway is going thru what you are going thru. Well.. sometimes.

I have been talking to fellow pregnant women online. It’s great because we are going through the same thing and its fun to share information and make new friends. However, I am blogging about one mom to be in particular. She will remain nameless out of respect. We will call her…. ummm… Sally. Sorry its the best I can do. My brain is mush right now.

Anyhoo… Sally is 39 weeks pregnant. She is due next Friday, on the 25th. This is Sally’s first child and she is having a baby boy, like me. She stopped working a few weeks ago because her husband and her mutually decided that she was going to become a stay at home mother and housewife. She lives in a nice house and her husband makes a good living. The American dream.

Here is where the story takes a twisted turn. I haven’t talked to her now for almost 2 weeks. I was pretty sure that she was busy and probably had given birth to her bouncing baby boy. However, I received an email from her this afternoon that just made me weep.

Her husband of 3 years (dating since college) apparently left her. She came home from shopping about a week ago to find that his closet was empty and his most treasured possessions were gone. She was baffled because there was no note or one word spoken about him not being there when she returned home. She frantically tried to reach him via cell phone and after no answer started calling his friends and their family. Nobody had any idea that he has left Sally and were all quite concerned. Some of her friends and her two sisters stayed with her that night to help her get through, hoping they would hear something. No word.

The next day Sally’s sister drove her to his office to see him and hopefully find out what was going on. Apparently upon confrontation, Shithead (we will call him that rather than use his name) stood in the lobby of his building and told her that he didn’t love her anymore and that he had moved in with a female co-worker and the love of his life and they were going to get married. That he was sorry that he wasn’t able to tell Sally sooner but that he hoped she understood that he had to “follow his heart”. Embarrassed and unable to focus on what he had said she just walked away.

Now I am reading this story via email and I feel like I am reading a Danielle Steel novel! WHO THE HELL DOES THAT SHIT?!?! This guy has some serious balls!

She is going to the hospital in the morning to be induced. Apparently her stress level is so high that her doctors are quite concerned with her levels and want to get the baby out now. Shithead wants nothing to do with his son and now says that “he never wanted a baby anyway” and that she will need to “deal with it on her own”.

I find it very depressing that public “stoning” was outlawed so many years ago. Wouldn’t you pick up a stone? I would start collecting now.

Please say a prayer for her. I am so in shock about this entire thing. How do you one day go about life normally and the next BAM. What a sorry excuse for a man. And who the hell is this woman he moved in with??? what does that say about her that she is willing to take a man that has a pregnant wife at home waiting to give birth ANY SECOND! I don’t even have a clue what to say to her. It seems so weird!

However, Sally, I know that we don’t know each other very well at all, but trust me when I say… you can do this and you will be a ROCKIN MAMA! No matter what Shithead did, you WILL prevail!! And I am so sorry you are going thru this. I wish there was something I could say that would make it better.



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