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Ok, so it is officially moving day! In just 10 hours we will be pulling away from the house we have lived in for 2 years. We will be leaving the state of cheese in which we have spent our 3rd summer. Our time here in Wisconsin has come to an end. Its big, you guys. We have only been married for what will be 3 years this December. So we have lived here for essentially our whole marriage. THAT is big.

Don’t get me wrong I am so happy we are going back home to Denver, which may sound weird since I have spent more time in Wisconsin than I have in Denver, but Denver is still what Hubby and I both consider home. His daughter, my step daughter, is in Denver, our family, and our friends are in Denver. We are VERY excited to go and very excited to get back to everyone that we love and miss so much. But I am sad too.

Today when we pulled the Penske rental into the driveway, our neighbors came over to say goodbye. I almost cried. They are such good people and we will miss them. They are retired. Bob makes his own wine and enjoys woodworking. Kay enjoys time at home and time with their grandkids. Bob brought us 5 bottles of homemade wine (which is pretty potent stuff!) but tastes wonderful, and a bottle holder (for the wine) and a hot plate, both of which he made. It was so sweet.

We went and had breakfast at our favorite place, the Blue Spoon this morning and I enjoyed every moment but felt a little ‘blue’ (pun intended) because I knew it was the last time I would ever eat there. I am going to miss the lake and the laid back country here. It is a simple town and I will miss the simple life we have made here. I am going to miss the friends we have made. The people here are like no place I have ever been. They are either amazing and sweet… or not so friendly. haha But I will miss them all none the less.

So I am a bit melancholy today. But happy for the times to come back home in Denver. Well I better get going because I need to get some rest. I have a big drive ahead of us. I won’t make it back on till Sunday or Monday, so don’t miss me too much! hahaha

I will leave you with this photo I took in Devils Lake Park…

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I know I will always be able to look back at all of the beautiful photos I have taken here and be able to remember this time in my life. But a part of me will always remain here in this simple town of Merrimac Wisconsin.





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