Does this happen to you?

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I am so sick of weird junk emails… do you get these?

I get this email today, i posted it below. You don’t have to read the whole thing cause its a mind sore.

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From: Ed Madison [mailto:djl@brandevent.de]
Sent: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 9:45 PM
Subject: embellishment
Attachment: tuna.gif

Hmmm, I need more cables! I’m going to tell all. “Can you get me some books for the girls? You know what I mean, right? I can’t begin to explain how it feels to run the race. So now you want to see my form, do you? I’m no longer travelling through the world, but living in it. A miniature quilt was an excellent place to put them. Will I use lick lick for the “Toy, stuffed” or make a new toy? Even the ones that are clearly more girl-centric, but I started collecting years before Everett was conceived. But hopefully some of you will read this, or see us on the BBC, and be inspired to make a change yourselves. Most importantly, just how tiny was that miniature quilt?

I’ve never noticed their knitting and crocheting section, so maybe it’s new. Since his sister lives only a few blocks away, we see her and her various projects a lot.
There’s kitty coming in the window, right over the pinwheel blankie Larissa made for Truman. It’s a nice way to transition into whatever plans I have for the evening.
“See, he isn’t afraid to walk! What could be better?
I’ve been riding a lot thanks to the low car diet my family is still on, and Saturday night was no exception. I really love what I did here, it’s a riff on black and white, formal dress and casualness, domesticity and art and technology. I designed and helped my mom sew all the bridesmaids dresses, in a variety of gorgeous reds and pinks and oranges. Either way the crowd was cheery and knitting lots of socks, just as Larissa hoped.
What could be better?
The way the strips feel, heavy and soft against my legs when I knit them, turning from knit to purl, right side to wrong side, is a heady experience. Most importantly, just how tiny was that miniature quilt?
That’s one of the things Cafe au Play means to me. What’s more, as I was getting my entries together to head to meet Larissa, Everett came running. I’ve never noticed their knitting and crocheting section, so maybe it’s new.
” Actually, that last one made me laugh. She wrote about it here . I thought it might be entertaining to take you through the way I’ve reacted to this whole-cloth life change.
Not only is Licklick made imperfectly, but the very moment I completed him, Truman dunked him in the wading pool. Children under two travel free “on their parents’ laps” but the conductor had given us two seats without me even asking. The night before the fair entries were due, I invited Larissa over to craft together, enlisting my husband to remove the children for the evening.
There’s Truman stuffing his face with brownies.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Ok I am guessing you didn’t read that whole thing cause jesus what a messsss! But do you get these emails? Of course I know its probably a virus attachment or whatever, but how freaking weird is this crap!?!?! Do you get these? I get so many of them and they are starting to drive me crazy. And what is up with that attachment? TUNA??? weeeeeeeeeird!



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