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I don’t mean to be morbid or depressing in this blog at all so please don’t take it that way. I know in light of recent events it might seem like that is my intent but, trust me, it is just pure lighthearted babble. (what most of my blogs consist of.) More or less, I just want your input. This was a pivotal moment for me and I wanted to share it. It really made me think. For the better. Please let me know what you think. Don’t be shy, please play along. I get over 200 readers on my blogs a day, so I know that some of you don’t comment. I hope today is the day you decide to.

So here is how this story starts. Well, first I am a TiVo junkie. I TiVo everything and then weed out what I don’t want and keep the good stuff. I am just weird like that. Some television shows really have held my interest and I continue to watch those shows. The one of which that interests me now and to write this blog is Boston Legal. It is on ABC on Tuesday nights. I think it is a wonderful show. Very entertaining with enough drama and humor so that you never know if you will feel the urge to cry one show or laugh, but you always know you will be captivated. Well this is just how I feel about it. I recommend that if you don’t already watch it, you should check it out and let me know what you think.

Today I was watching Boston Legal from last week on my nifty TiVo. The premise for the show is a group of lawyers that work for Crane, Poole, and Schmidt. “Crane Poole & Schmidt was founded on the ideal that everyone deserves their day in court. Founder Denny Crane has amassed one of the most impressive records in the Legal Industry. And our firm shares his same devotion to success. Our Partners comprise some of the most talented litigators in the state, and we are ready to help you win the judgment you deserve.” (quote from abc.com) I won’t go into all of the details about the show, but rather hone in on what made me think.

At the end of each show lawyers Denny Crane (William Shatner) and Alan Shore (James Spader) share a drink and cigar together on the firm’s balcony. They then go over the events of the show and basically sum it all up to a cute line, quote or what have you. But it is always my favorite time.

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Denny Crane and Alan Shore (abc.com)

On the show today there was a defense about a homeless man who carried out his friends final wishes to cremate him. However due to overwhelming hunger, he also ate some of his body. Yes, I know, but you had to see the show to get the whole idea.

Anyway, back to my point… Denny and Alan were sitting on the balcony sipping Brandy from snifters, casually smoking their cigars and having their final chat of the show. It went like this:

Alan: When I die, I want to be buried, Denny. I don’t want to be cremated. Incinerated into nothingness.
Denny: What do you care? When you’re dead, you’re dead.
Alan: I don’t actually believe that. I believe there is something after.
Denny: Heaven?
Alan: I don’t know. Something. Don’t you believe it? Can this be all there is? If so… have we wasted….
Denny: I haven’t wasted a second. I enjoyed my ride. All of it.
Alan: But will it have truly meant something?

What would you do Denny? If you met God one day?
Denny: I would take him fishing.

Before I die, I want to be able to look myself in the mirror and say I wasted nothing and that I enjoyed my whole ride. Can you do that? And what would you do? If you met God one day? I for one like Denny’s take. I would love to take him fishing.


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