Mini Pimp and Musical Memories!

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I just read an amazing blog by Erika called Musical moments and memories. Please check it out and then come back… no no… I will wait…..

(sheesh you read slow)

Ok, are you done?

Well, I was so moved by the blog, I had to write one of my own that is just basically stemming from my comment on her blog.

Music is such an amazing outlet for me. And like Erika I think of memories when I hear a song. They can be all sorts of memories. Good, bad, whatever. Sometimes to remember something in time, I will go and listen to a song on purpose. Whenever I am missing my step-dad, Jim, all I have to do is turn on Open Arms by Journey. We shared a mutual appreciation for music and I loved to come to him with questions of bands and songs as he could always pinpoint exactly who it was, what song and the album and year it came out. Usually there was a fun and colorful story to accompany the info, which was my favorite part.

One of the things that first drew me to my husband was his diverse love of music. I feel bad for people who ONLY listen to rap or ONLY listen to rock or ONLY listen to country. Whatever type of music it is, I love it. Music is an amazing gift to your ears. There isn’t any type that I really don’t like. I love symphony, country, rap, rock, heavy metal, hair bands, even big band and blue grass! Whatever it is, I will enjoy it. My husband is the same way. He is eager to always hear new music which I envy because I am a singer. You know the one. The one that cannot carry a note to save their life but still knows every word to the song and insists on singing at the top of their lungs RIGHT next to you. Yeah? Ok, well that is me. Only I have a fantastic voice! Ok I made that part up. I can’t sing for shit, but I love doing it. So when a new song comes on that I don’t know yet, I am really bad about giving it a chance. My husband has really forced me to listen and enjoy to that new song. I never even knew who Triumph was until we got together and I soon learned it was his favorite band. Take my Heart by Triumph was our wedding song. Now I love a lot of their stuff. (In small doses)

I can’t hear a song by Huey Lewis and not think about my Mom dancing around our living room in her Huey Lewis phase. Or George Michael, or Oleta Adams. I can’t hear a song from the Luck of the Draw album by Bonnie Raitt and not feel the pain my mother had in her life when she brought home the tape.

I smile proudly when I hear the Beatles sing When I’m 64 and think of my Dad singing it to his wife on their wedding day. I can’t help but tear up when I hear It’s a Wonderful World by Lewis Armstrong and think of my Dad singing it to me on my wedding day. I still sing it with the lyrics just slightly different the way he did to me. I am 4 years old again riding in my Dad’s brown Datsun hearing him sing Baby You Can Drive My Car by the Beatles, his head bent ever so slightly up.

I will forever remember my step daughter sitting in the back of our Yukon singing Cowboy by Kid Rock (the clean version of course) and giddy with laughter in her child seat. “Play it again, Dad!” she would say over and over again.

These memories are what make music wonderful. They are able to transport you back to a specific moment in time whenever you want to be there.

Are there any songs that you can think of that do this to you? Share!




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