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So anyone who doesn’t want to read about some really personal stuff, turn away now.

Today marks 6 months since I had my Reduction Mammaplasty surgery!! I am so happy that I can’t tell you! Oh that is Breast Reduction surgery, by the way. I have had large breasts since as far back as I can remember and they have always been a source of pain, discomfort, embarrassment etc etc etc. (better stop or my list will go on for hours) Anyway… I have wanted to get this surgery since I was about 16. Between my Sophomore and Junior years in High school, I had a major growth spurt. I went from 49 tall to 53 in a matter of 3 months as well as went from a barely B to a DDD bra in that same time frame. Trust me it was HORRIBLE. Don’t even get me started on growing pains and stretch marks!

However because of fear and a lot of things holding me back, I didn’t get the surgery done as I should have earlier in my life. Many factors came into play to avoid me from doing it. Part of it was the money, obviously. It was like $14,000 or some extreme amount. Luckily, I have good insurance, so I didn’t have to pay anywhere close to that. Part of it was that I don’t know for sure if I will be able to breast feed after the surgery, and me being who I am and wanting lots of babies, was detoured from the process because of that. Another part was that it is A LOT of surgery! I mean WOW the cuts and scars and I mean WHOA! And hellllooooo one word for you… surgery! Also, what if I didn’t like the new boobs? And what if something went wrong?!?! And and and and So anyway, as to not bore you further, those reasons and many others, I chickened out for a long time.

Then something happened.

Last year around Christmas time, I was bra shopping. I have to go to a specialty store in downtown to get bras that usually run me between $90 – $250 each. Many times even after getting a bra, I have to have it altered to fit correctly. Well, every time I am in this store (SOL Store of Lingerie- Denver, CO) they take my measurements and make sure I am the same size as I was the time before. They are great people at SOL and they keep all your measurements on file. Well I like to eat and as I gain weight, I gain a great deal in my chest. Yea for me. NOT! So, here I am standing there in all my glory, arms out, and the adorable 98 pound cutie measuring me says well, it looks like you went up a size Picking my jaw off the floor I am scared to ask uhhh uhhh yep, you are now a 36 H. what?!?!? Noooooo, measure me again please!!! Acckkk!!) So fast forward 15 minutes and several Kleenex and I reluctantly hand over my credit card for the purchase of 2 bras totaling the amount of $312. After leaving SOL, I call my mother on my cell phone because I am definitely in need of some consoling. She tells me, find a doctor, Cassandra, I will pay for it if I have to ummm ok! Haha So I decided to start searching for a doctor.

Through my insurance company I am put in touch with a plastic surgeon Dr. Tanya Atagi. Let me just say, upon first meeting this tiny little woman with a tiny potbelly (she has since given birth to a baby boy I believe) and calm voice, I instantly know this woman is going to be my doctor. I did a lot of research on the internet and made tons of calls and found that Dr. Atagi is one of the best in her field. And she specializes in Breast Reconstruction. Most of her patients are Breast Cancer survivors and I have seen her books upon books of her work. AMAZING! I knew without a doubt that she was the surgeon for me. [Sidenote: the thing about plastic surgeons, and trust me I have talked to A LOT of them, is that they seem cold and really not interested in dealing with someone who has to work with their insurance company. Dr Atagi and everyone in her office were AMAZING, and never once did I feel like she was there for the money]

Anyway, if you are still awake, I will wrap this up. Here is a picture of basically what happens during the surgery:

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If you have any questions about it, please ask me!

I am sooooo proud to say that I am now officially a 36 D, which I haven’t really ever been! The only regret is that I wish I could have gone smaller. Although I guess it isn’t really a regret, because she went as small as she could. If you want details on why, email me and I will tell ya! Haha!

So cheers to 6 months!!! WOOHOOO!!! I never in all my life thought I would be able to say I LOVE MY BOOBIES!!! WOOHOO!!!

***UPDATE – since I just realized that #1 I am a MORON and #2 Today is the 7th of August, not the 6th.. it is actually 6 months and 1 day since my surgery… duh.. stupidity strikes again DOH!


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